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Conceive them, then, applied to one another, by turning over the triangle ABE, and laying it on the triangle ACD in such a manner that AB of the one shall lie upon AC of the other. Then, by the equality of the angles, AE will lie on AD. But AB and AC, AE and AD are equals; therefore they will coincide altogether, and of course at their extremities, D, E, and B, C.

The flat country along the southern base of the mountains, which ancient writers regard as Parthia, par excellence, is A strip of territory about 300 miles long, varying in width ac cording to the labor and the skill applied by its inhabitants to the perfecting of a system of irrigation.

Here Jerome slammed the door. But ere they could get clear of the house a jalosy was flung open, and the Paynim monk came out head and shoulders, and overhung the street shouting, "Affecti suppliciis Chrisitiani, genus hominum Novas superstitionis ac maleficae," "You will go no more to that heretical monk," said Jerome to Clement. Clement sighed. "Shall we leave him and not try to correct him?

That is to say, that when the piece C of the wave AC has then arrived at B, the wave BN which is the propagation of AC is entirely reduced to the same point B. Similarly when the piece H has reached K, the part AH is entirely reduced to the same point K. This makes it evident that in proportion as the wave CA comes to meet the surface AB, there occurs a great quantity of movement along that surface; which movement ought also to spread within the transparent body and ought to have much re-enforced the partial waves which produce the interior reflexion against the surface AB, according to the laws of reflexion previously explained.

As touching any ordinance of the church we say with Whittaker, Obediendum ecclesioe est sed jubents ac docenti rectaWe are to obey the church but commanding and teaching right things.

Wainwright was hovering anxiously in the vicinity, and she now bore down rapidly upon the pair. "You are very nearly to Patras," she said reproachfully to her daughter, as if the fact had some fault of Marjory's concealed in it. She in no way ac- knowledged the presence of Coleman. " Oh, are we ? " cried Marjory. "Yes," said Mrs. Wainwright. " We are."

If one takes a straight line AB for the thickness of the crystal, its point B being at the bottom, and if one divides it at the points C, D, E, according to the proportions of the elevations found, making AE 3/5 of AB, AB to AC as 99,324 to 70,283, and AB to AD as 99,324 to 62,163, these points will divide AB as in this figure.

Luitur enim etiam homicidium certo armentorum ac pecorum numero, recipitque satisfactionem universa domus: utiliter in publicum; quia periculosiores sunt inimicitiae juxta libertatem. Convictibus et hospitiis non alia gens effusius indulget. Quemcunque mortalium arcere tecto, nefas habetur: pro fortuna quisque apparatis epulis excipit.

Nec ut jussi. Not precisely at the appointed time, but a day or two later, if they choose. Ut turbae placuit. Ut==simul ac, as soon as, when.

Reliquum Africa Athiopia perhibetur exterior sive inferior; ab Oriente, Meridie et Occidente Oceano perfusa; a Septemtrione quasi duobus brachiis Abissinorum imperium hinc inde complectitur. Regiones, in quas dividitur, sunt Congi, Monomotapa, Zangibar, et Ajan. Pleraque maritimorum a Portugalensibus tenentur firmissimis munimentis ac praesidiis. Congi Regnum. Incolae sunt Christiani.