In a gas motor, on the other hand, we find the materials employed, as per the above data, to contain 8,958 Fahr. units of heat, and to make gaseous fuel in which 6,343 units are available; a return of 70.6 per cent, in the producer. The motor receives these 6,343, and converts 1,143 of them into work; an efficiency of 18 per cent.

But at that time I was not aware, that the catalogue contains exactly 144 witnesses, the complete mystical number of their represensation; because on the 538th page of "the One Thing needful" that catalogue ends with "143 Anthony Larger," and in my first three volumes as well as in "The One thing Needful" or in the 4th volume these witnesses are named "the 143 witnesses."

The longest unbroken runs of regular trains are one of 146 miles on the Chicago Limited train on the Pennsylvania route, and one of 143 miles by the New York Central Railway running up the Hudson to Albany. As experts will at once recognise, these are feats which compare well with anything done on this side of the Atlantic.

The gun trap, as described on page 20, will also do good service in exterminating this useless and troublesome animal. Steel traps of size No. 3 or 4 are commonly used to good purpose. They may be arranged in any of the various methods already described, the plan of the enclosure, page 143, being particularly desirable.

Both Balas and his son Antiochus treated Jonathan with great favour, and he fortified Jerusalem, got possession of many other towns, and considerably strengthened the rightful cause: but a wicked rebel named Trypho, who designed the murder of his young master, Antiochus, began his conspiracy by treacherously assassinating Jonathan in the land of Gilead, B.C. 143, and soon after succeeded in killing the young king.

The issue between the House and the President had gone too far for further cross-fires of parliamentary moves to succeed in preventing the resolution from coming to a vote, and, on March 7, 1916, it reached this crucial stage and was defeated by 276 to 143, after six hours of turbulent debate.

About 25 degrees 9 minutes and 143 degrees 16 minutes the river was joined by a large tributary stream from the NORTH-EAST, to which Mr. Kennedy gave the name of the "Thomson," and encouraged by the favourable changes which had now taken place, he returned for his party with the determination of following so fine a river to the last.

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It is quite possible to manufacture an ointment which, if properly used, would be a preventive of all forms of venereal disease. The sale of such an ointment is authorised by the State Health Department of Pennsylvania. Information as to the medical prevention of venereal disease may be obtained from the Hon. Sec., Society for the Prevention of Venereal Diseases, 143, Harley Street, W.1.

Shattered by Italian battery fire the Austrian masses were counterattacked and repulsed by infantry, who at several points surrounded their assailants and forced them to surrender. The number of prisoners by now had increased to 6,432, including 143 officers. All along the front from Tolmino to the sea the artillery continued very active. Goritz again suffered very heavy damage.