They picture officers of the law as human bulldogs, with undershot, foam-dripping jaws and bloodshot eyes. The bourne from which so many travellers never return bounded by the criminal statutes, is a terra incognita to the average citizen.

Twenty pounds shall be considered a fair average weight in working condition, but this may vary a pound or so either way. DISQUALIFYING POINTS: NOSE white, cherry, or spotted to a considerable extent with either of these colours. EARS prick, tulip, or rose. Undershot jaw or pig jawed mouth. Black below hocks or white anywhere to any appreciable extent, black pencilling on toes.

Now I ain't sayin' he's the toughest lookin' A. D. T. that ever sat on a call bench, for maybe I've seen worse; but with his bent-in nose, and his pop eyes, and that undershot jaw well, he ain't one you'd send in to quiet a cryin' baby. Hunch didn't pose for that picture of the sweet youth on the blue signs outside the district offices.

In the carriage house he stopped, his undershot jaw drooping; for the motorcycle was missing from the stand on which it was always kept, when not in use. "What the dickens " he cried, and stopped short. After looking all around to make sure the machine was not there, he rushed into the house and questioned his mother. "It must be there, Roy," she said. "I'm sure nobody has touched it.

At the beginning of the tirade Larry's thin shoulders had straightened; he raised his head; his lower jaw, undershot, was set hard. The light from the boiler showed his near-sighted eyes steady on Sullivan, unafraid. "Get on with your work, an' don't be a fool, Dan," he said quietly. "A fool, am I!" Dan's knotted fist flashed to within an inch of Larry's jaw. The Bunker Mouse did not flinch.

Short and as squattily packed down as a Buddha, the great sinews of his strength bulged in his short neck and in the backs of the calves of his legs, even rippled beneath his coat. It was as if a compress had reduced him from great height down to his tightest compactness, concentrating the strength of him. Even in repose, the undershot jaw was plunged forward, the jowls bonily defined.

His clothes fitted him ill, and through them one seemed to perceive the massive scaffolding of his frame. He had gray hair retiring above a high brow, but worn long and untidily at the back; a wire-like straight-cut mustache, also streaked with gray, which served to accentuate the grimness of his mouth and slightly undershot jaw.

All he had to do was to line it and shoot when you stooped over it. The second he couldn't see the moccasin he'd know some one's body was between it and him. He heard me bawl out, but he didn't git sight of you till you was over it, and by that time my old hoss give you a belt and made you keep on moving." "He undershot, yet as I was bending close to it he would have bagged me," I said.

The eyes were narrowed in the ivory-tinted face, the jaw heavy and undershot as a bull-dog's, while a dark coloured mustache straggled untidily across the upper lip. The moonlight, cruelly clear, picked out the point of something sharp that shone in one clenched hand, something that looked like a knife that was a knife. Then the figure vanished and the door closed noiselessly behind him. Hmm.

If the upper and lower jaws are level, and the muzzle is not turned upwards the dog is said to be "down-faced," whilst if the underjaw is not undershot he is said to be "froggy." A "wry-faced" dog is one having the lower jaw twisted, and this deformity so detracts from the general appearance of the dog as seriously to handicap him in the show-ring.