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He looked over the side of the trawler and saw baskets of dabs and plaice and some soles and turbot and a couple of crabs. A plaice flapped helplessly and fell off the heap in the basket on to the bottom of the boat, and one of the fishermen trod on it.... "They're all alive," Henry said, turning again to Mrs. Graham. "Yes," she answered. "But ... isn't it cruel? Oughtn't they to kill them?"

The one power which now does not enter into men's considerations is the one which both traditionally and economically is most concerned and that is Russia. A night's journey in a trawler brings you to the Dardanelles the outermost vital significance of dominion at Constantinople. By the use of mines an invincible protection is easily thrown out.

But, before that, other things happened on Isla Water long before anybody missed No. 67. Besides, the horse and dog-cart had been hired for a week; and nobody was anxious except the captain of the trawler, held under mysterious orders to await the coming of a man who never came.

The only trouble was that our vessel, to help pay its expenses, carried fishing gear, and as a fishing vessel could not get a clearance in Belgium. Our nets and beams, therefore, had to go out to the fishing grounds in a friendly trawler while we passed as a mercantile marine during the time we took on our cargo.

But to get on with the story of what happened. The trawler was sinking, but not quite fast enough, so we finished her off with a couple of lyddite shell on the waterline. In the meanwhile, as you probably know, for it was officially announced at the time, two destroyers had been in collision.

They can't come round if they've got their sweeping cable out. Roy made a last effort, and whether it was Roy's shout or the sound of the oars, some one aboard the trawler heard them. 'Who are you? came a gruff voice, half-muffled, as though afraid of being overheard on shore. 'Friends British, answered Ken. 'Our boat's sinking. There came a sharp order echoed from the farther ship.

Then it all came back, and I was a boy again on the trawler, creeping shorewards in the light breeze of an August night, and watching that friendly twinkle from the Manor woods above the village. Had she not promised she would keep that lamp alight to guide all sailors every night till I came back again; was she not waiting still for me, was I not coming back to her now? But what a coming back!

The pack lay in the form of a crescent, with a horn to the west of the ship stretching north. Steaming north-east, we reached another horn and saw that the pack, heavy and dense, then trended away to the east. We made an attempt to push into the ice, but it was so heavy that the trawler was held up at once and began to grind in the small thick floes, so we cautiously backed out.

"Name of Gedge?" enquired Sir William dryly. "That's the lad," was the reply. "D'you know him, sir?" "No, but I've heard of him." "You'll see him presently," said the other. "He's waiting for us outside onboard his trawler. If you go onboard, have a look at the beam of his fore-hatch: rather interestin'." "What about it?" asked Sir William. "A little row of notches that's all.

"Nearly all," said young Amyas, with due modesty.. "But am I not to go to sea?" "All things in their time, my boy, and God forbid that either I or your worthy parents should keep you from that noble calling which is the safeguard of this England and her queen. But you do not wish to live and die the master of a trawler?" "I should like to be a brave adventurer, like Mr. Oxenham."