Twa husbands sae like each other might meet oftener, and twa wives, wha agree in the ae grand point o' submittin to the authority o' their lords and masters, might, wi' advantage, be greater gossips than we hae been." "Might I try William, think ye, Margaret?" said he.

I told the storekeeper to cut it off jest as soon as your back was turned, and Mis' Simpson is goin' to make it next week. And Abram he jest laughed, and says, 'Well, Jane, I never saw your beat. You see, I never was any hand at 'submittin'' myself to my husband, like some women. I've often wondered if Abram wouldn't 'a' been jest like Silas Petty if I'd been like Maria.

"Na; I maun gang wi' ye, man," answered the laird, rising. "Grizzie's a heap taen up wi' yer gran'mither. She's been weirin' awa' this fortnicht back. She's no in pain, the Lord be praised! an' she'll never ken the straits her hoose is com till! Cosmo, I hae been a terrible cooard dreidin' day an' nicht yer hame-comin', no submittin' 'at ye sud see sic a broken man to the father o' ye!

And I've thought many a time that Sally Ann's plain talk to them men done more good than all the sermons us women had had preached to us about bein' 'shame-faced' and 'submittin'' ourselves to our husbands, for every one o' them women come out in new clothes that spring, and such a change as it made in some of 'em! I wouldn't be surprised if she did have a message to deliver, jest as she said.

Boys, I begin to think that p'r'aps after all we're doin' wrong in submittin' to the encroachments o' the alien. Hear, hear! shouted half a dozen voices. 'It strikes me that the inferior race that can skin Levi Long to his pelt in a gamble is providin' no fit associates for guileless an' confidin' children o' the Occident, like yourselves, f'r instance.

The master of hounds mopped his forehead. "Are we still going toward Samson South's house?" he inquired. "We're about a quarter from hit now, an' we hain't never varied from the straight road." "Will they be apt to give us trouble?" Jim Hollman smiled. "I hain't never heered of no South submittin' ter arrest by a Hollman." The trailers examined their firearms, and loosened their holster- flaps.