"'Tis I haf been running alreadty. Sat iss not so tiresome as to valk. Also it is safeh. I runned all se vay. Vill you sose drops drop faw me?" Her hand trembled. I took the vial but did not meet her glance: for I was wondering if there was anything in the world she could ask of me that I would not do, and at such a time it is good for anyone as weak as I am to look at inanimate things.

She wore a plain path across the unpaved street to our house, and another to our neighbor's. "Sat iss a too great risk," she compassionately maintained, "to leaf even in se daytime sose shiltren so late sick alone viss only mine hussbandt and se sairvants!" The doctor was concerned for Mrs. Fontenette from the beginning.

Many ossehs befo'e I haf savedt vhen hadt sose doctohs no long-eh any hope! Mine Gott! vas sare so much hope vhen she and her hussbandt mine sick hussbandt and me out of se street took in? Vill you let stay by mine hussbandt, anyhow a short vhile, one of yo' so goodt sairvants?" The instant I assented she flew down the veranda steps, through the garden, and out across the street.

We lifted hands to clap and opened mouths to hurrah, but she raised a warning hand. "No, vait if you pleass. "Se secondt of sose two or sree sings it is sat he Monsieur Fontenette hass ask me " Our hearts rose slowly into our throats "Ze vun qvestion to vich sare can be only se vun answeh." At this we gulped our breath like schoolgirls and glowed.

O, sare shall neveh a veed be in sat karten two dayss oldt! An' sose roses sey shall be pairfect ever' vun!" As perfect as roses every one were her words kept. And Fontenette got his new business but could not come back that year, nor the second, nor the third.