But he was softer-hearted than was she, and knowing this, was almost afraid to say anything that would again bring forth from her expressions of scorn. As soon as they were alone within the house he took her by the hand and led her apart. "Let all this be," said he, "as though it had never been." "That will hardly be possible, Louis," she answered. "I cannot forget that I have been cautioned."

Stantiloup and beyond the Bishop, and think what Justice demands?" "The boys would all be taken away. If you had a son, would you send him where there was a schoolmaster living, living . Oh, you wouldn't." It is very clear to the Doctor that his wife's mind was made up on the subject; and yet there was no softer-hearted woman than Mrs.

A man showing himself in the streets, or met on the road, is at once put to death; however, some of the softer-hearted have kept them prisoners, and the result may easily be divined. All the male issue is killed and only the girls are kept. Many large 'women's washings' of old date give us a hint how the country should be worked.

"His father was the saving of me; he himself welcomed me like an equal; his sister treated me like a gentleman, as the phrase went in those days; and now " He stopped and wiped his forehead then unlocked his desk, produced a bottle of brandy, and poured himself out a glass of the liquor, which he drank by sips, slowly. "I wonder whether other men get softer-hearted as they grow older!" he said.

Among the nuns were several English women, clever and deeply read, but softer-hearted than most scholars who have had too much to do with the world. There was also a sister of Pere Hyacinthe among the Assumptionists, and the great orator himself often came to the convent-chapel to preach simple little sermons to the school-girls.

The girl's ignorance, her wildness, her lack of advantages, had touched the pity of Marjorie and Frances, and some of the other softer-hearted Scouts; accordingly, the troop had voted to send Frieda to public school in the fall, assuming her support as their public Good Turn.

There had been the toothless variety used by the softer-hearted landlords quite contemptible in their clemency. The jaws of these resembled the jaws of an old woman to whom time has left nothing but gums.

His face could not hide the fury which boiled up within him. "Why, how else should I have cause to congratulate you?" said Kecskerey, laughing. "Oh, it is infamous!" exclaimed Abellino, beside himself. The bystanders began to pity him, and the softer-hearted among them quietly dispersed.

The Schoolmaster School Life Companions The time came for Hugh to go to school. He drifted, it seemed to him afterwards, with a singular indifference and apathy of mind, into the new life, though the parting from home was one of dumb misery; not that he cared deeply, as a softer-hearted child might have cared, at being parted from his father, his mother, his sisters.

He was always reminding me of one day or another when I had been happy with Vera long ago some silly little expedition we had taken or he was doubtful about my experiments being any good, or he would recall what I had felt about Russia at the beginning of the war.... All in a very kindly way, mind you. He was more friendly than he had ever been, and seemed to be altogether softer-hearted.