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He made the moody Nemours comprehend that, in truth, he had no reason to complain of an inevitable liaison, "qui ne lui devoit pas être suspecte, puisqu'on voulait lui en rendre compte, et ne s'en servir que pour lui donner la principale part aux affaires." At the same time, "he urged M. le Prince to occupy himself with Madame de Châtillon, and to give her in freehold the estate of Merlon."

[Footnote 1: René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur (1683-1757), the inventor of the Réaumur thermometer and author of Mémoires pour servir

"Don't tell me that you've been tormenting her again." "Certainly; we always do at the beginning of term, though we get tired of it after a while. We had verbs this morning with lots of r's in them accourir and servir and reconnaître so I winked to Althea and Maggie and we had a dandy time. It saves lots of work," she added reflectively.

For many years I have been in the habit of noting down some of the leading events of my embowered solitude, such as the coming of certain birds and the like, a kind of memoires pour servir, after the fashion of White, rather than properly digested natural history.

"A che rispondo a V. Ex. che ditto Zorzo morì più fanno da peste, et per voler servir quella ho parlato cum alcuni mei amizi, che havevano grandissime praticha cum lui, quali me affirmano non esser in ditta heredit

He doubted not of putting them to rout, and meant never to hold his hand till he had chased them back to Albany. "Make all haste," Vaudreuil wrote to him; "for when you return we shall send you to Oswego to execute our first design." [Footnote 294: Mémoire pour servir d'Instruction

"Observations pour servir

Memoire pour servir d'Instruction a Monsieur le Comte de Frontenac sur l'Entreprise de la Nouvelle York, 7 Juin, 1689.

I have reason to believe, although the fact has not been authoritatively stated by naturalists, that the stomach of the elephant will be found to include a section analogous to that possessed by some of the ruminants, calculated to contain a supply of water as a provision against emergencies. The fact of his being enabled to retain a quantity of water and discharge it at pleasure has been long known to every observer of the habits of the animal; but the proboscis has always been supposed to be "his water-reservoir," and the theory of an internal receptacle has not been discussed. The truth is that the anatomy of the elephant is even yet but imperfectly understood , and, although some peculiarities of his stomach were observed at an early period, and even their configuration described, the function of the abnormal portion remained undetermined, and has been only recently conjectured. An elephant which belonged to Louis XIV. died at Versailles in 1681 at the age of seventeen, and an account of its dissection was published in the Mémoires pour servir

"The 'Mémoires pour servir