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The noble Moriche palm delights in wet, at least in Trinidad and on the lower Orinoco: but Schomburgk describes forests of them if, indeed, it be the same species as growing in the mountains of Guiana up to an altitude of four thousand feet.

Venezuela always claimed the line of the Essequibo river. In 1840, Sir Robert Schomburgk, acting under the instructions of the British government, established a line some distance to the west of the Essequibo river and marked it by monuments on the face of the country. Venezuela at once protested.

A curious anecdote is mentioned by Sir Robert Schomburgk as to the revival of the tradition of one of the Palæologi being in Barbadoes.

In 1840 England commissioned a surveyor named Schomburgk to fix the boundary but his decision was objected to by the Venezuelans who claimed that he included a great area that rightfully belonged to them.

The tradition, however, proves to have been quite current, and the circumstance that led to its confirmation, and to the discovery of the body of Ferdinando Palæologus, and other relics testifying to his connection with the Greek emperors, are narrated by Sir Robert Schomburgk in his recent history of Barbadoes.

Schomburgk, are fringed; the shores of ANEGADA, as well as the bank on which it stands, are likewise fringed; these islands have been coloured red. Of the eastern islands, BARBUDA and the western coasts of ANTIGUA and MARIAGALANTE appear to be fringed: this is also the case with BARBADOES, as I have been informed by a resident; these islands are coloured red.

In the primeval forest; looking upon that upon which my teachers and masters, Humboldt, Spix, Martius, Schomburgk, Waterton, Bates, Wallace, Gosse, and the rest, had looked already, with far wiser eyes than mine, comprehending somewhat at least of its wonders, while I could only stare in ignorance.

Schomburgk, Sir R., on the pugnacity of the male musk-duck of Guiana; on the courtship of Rupicola crocea. Schoolcraft, Mr., on the difficulty of fashioning stone implements. Schopenhauer, on importance of courtship to mankind. Schweinfurth, complexion of negroes. Sciaena aquila.

Of Raleigh's credulity in believing in El Dorado, much has been said. I am sorry to find even so wise a man as Sir Robert Schomburgk, after bearing good testimony to Raleigh's wonderful accuracy about all matters which he had an opportunity of observing, using this term of credulity. I must dare to differ on that point even with Sir Robert, and ask by what right the word is used?

Sander was looking through the drawings of Sir Robert Schomburgk, in the British Museum, among which is a most eccentric Cattleya named for reasons beyond comprehension a variety of C. Mossiæ. He jumped at the conclusion that this must be the long-lost C. labiata.