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But Salvatore's sharp ears had caught them and the laughter that followed them, and his hot blood was on fire. The words, the laughter had touched his sensitive Sicilian pride the pride of the man who means never to be banished from the Piazza as a knife touches a raw wound.

Archie looked at the waiter closely. His tone had been subdued and sad. Of course, you don't expect a waiter to beam all over his face and give three rousing cheers simply because you have asked him to bring you a minute steak, but still there was something about Salvatore's manner that disturbed Archie. The man appeared to have the pip.

Suddenly a desire, an almost weak desire, came to him to banish Salvatore's distrust of him, a distrust which he was more conscious of at this moment than ever before. He did not know of the muttered comments of the fishermen from Catania as he and Maddalena passed down the steps of the church of Sant' Onofrio.

After a cheerful meal, and a good rest before a blazing fire, we again take horse, and continue our descent to Salvatore's house very slowly, by reason of our bruised friend being hardly able to keep the saddle, or endure the pain of motion.

His recklessness seemed to have deserted him just when he wanted it most. To-day he was not himself. He was a coward. What it was that made him a coward he did not tell himself. "Then we can all go together," he said. "Salvatore and all." "Si, signore." Salvatore's voice was close at his ear, and he knew by the sound of it that the fisherman was smiling.

"I hope it is my father, signorino. If he has got the money he will not be angry; but if Gaspare has it " "Your father is a fox of the sea, and can cheat better than a boy. Don't be frightened." When they reached the land, Salvatore and Gaspare met them. Gaspare's face was glum, but Salvatore's small eyes were sparkling. "I have won it all all!" he said. "Ecco!"

Is she mad?" "Signor Dottore, how do I know? I brought the boat to shore. Gaspare was like one crazed. Then we lifted the signore out upon the stones. Oh, he is dead, Signor Dottore; dead beyond a doubt. They had found him in the sea " "They?" "Gaspare under the rocks between Salvatore's terreno and the main-land. He had all his clothes on. He must have been there in the dark "

I was going to the fishing when I heard dreadful cries in the water by the inlet you know, by Salvatore's terreno!" "In the water?" "Si, signore. I went down quickly and I found Gaspare, the signore's " "I know I know!" "Gaspare in a boat with the padrone lying at the bottom, and the signora standing up to her middle in the sea." "Z't! z't!" exclaimed the doctor, "the signora in the sea!

"We could not leave him in the sea," she said, as she had said in the night. "No, no. You will only just have to say " "I will tell them what I know. He went down to bathe." "Yes. But the Pretore will want to know why he went to Salvatore's terreno." "I suppose he bathed from there. He knew the people in the Casa delle Sirene, I believe." She spoke indifferently.

You see, father wants to build this new hotel of his, and he thought he'd got the site and everything and could start building right away: and now he finds that this man Salvatore's mother owns a little newspaper and tobacco shop right in the middle of the site, and there's no way of getting him out without buying the shop, and he won't sell.