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At ille, cujus alta nobilitas nesciret in tanto etiam periculo sapere; 'Fortuitu, inquit, 'me cepisti: sed si possem evadere, novi quid facerem. Tum Willelmus, prae furore ferè extra se positus, et obuncans Heliam, 'Tu,'inquit, 'nebulo! tu, quid faceres? Discede; abi; fuge! Concede tibi ut facias quicquid poteris: et, per vultum de Luca! nihil, si me viceris, pro hâc veniâ tecum paciscar." I.e.

Our holy and heavenly king, of whom every circumstance is most carefully and with the greatest religion and reverence to be observed, has not himself rejected bodily recommendation, "Speciosus forma prae filiis hominum." And Plato, together with temperance and fortitude, requires beauty in the conservators of his republic.

Reign of Shahr-Barz. His Murder. Reign of Purandocht. Rapid Succession of Pretenders. Accession of Isdigerd III. "Kobades, regno prefectus, justitiam prae se tulit, et injuriam qua oppressa fuerat amovit." Eutychius, Annales, vol, ii. p. 253.

What I have advised hath been as much on your account as on my own: but since you are determined to go on, I am as much determined to follow. I prae sequar te." They now travelled some miles without speaking to each other, during which suspense of discourse Jones often sighed, and Benjamin groaned as bitterly, though from a very different reason.

Just as we say: convene by their delegates, or representatives. Publice==publica auctoritate, cf. same word, 10. Primordia. Initiatory rites. Minor, sc. numine. Inferior to the god. Prae se ferens. Expressing in his external appearance, or bearing in his own person an acknowledgment of the power of the divinity. Evolvuntur==se evolvunt, cf.

In the former chapter we heard mention made of a young student, Otto Thostrup, a clever fellow, with nine prae caeteris, as his comrades said, but also of a proud spirit, of which he must be broken.

I have found it remarked, that, in this important sentence, Go before, I'll follow, we read a translation of, I prae, sequar. I have been told, that when Caliban, after a pleasing dream, says, I cry'd to sleep again, the authour imitates Anacreon, who had, like every other man, the same wish on the same occasion.

Haec Regio Manchus, pro sui quantitate reputatur melior, delectabilior, et omnium bonorum abundantior de cunctis ibi prope Regionibus. Nam et homines bestiae, et volucres maiores et corpulentiores sunt alijs, et prae vbertate vix inuenirentur in vna ciuitate decem mendici. Formosi sunt viri, sed feminae formosiores.

This remarkable picture of Caesar's method of enforcing discipline is described by a person who was evidently present; and it may be taken as a correction to the vague stories of his severity to these officers which are told by Dion Cassius. To Atticus, xi. 7. Citizens. Where the African coast turns south from Cape Bon. "Animum enim altum et erectum prae se gerebat." De Bello Africano.

And now, resume thine office, friend Ranald, in respect I am well-breathed; or, to be more plain, I PRAE, SEQUAR, as we used to say at Mareschal-College."

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