So they banished, whipped, pilloried, and finally even hanged dissenters from their dissent. We, whose religious tolerance is perhaps as excessive as theirs was deficient, are slow to excuse them for this; but they believed they were fighting for much more than their lives; and as for faith in God, it is surely no worse to fall into error regarding it than to dismiss it altogether.

"Let us give him his pistol, and one cartridge, and let him remove himself like a gentleman. He will spare himself the humiliation of trial and execution, and us all the embarrassment of having a fellow scientist pilloried as a traitor." "Now there's a typical Prussian suggestion," Lowiewski said. Kato Sugihara, returning alone, looked around the table.

Drunk with the power and plunder of four long unchallenged years, during which the honest name of democracy was pilloried in the sight of all men as the active partner of blackmail and the brothel, the monstrous malignity reached a point at last where it was no longer to be borne. Then came the crash. The pillory lied.

To a certain extent, Frank Reynolds has already recorded contemporary manners in England, and especially in London, in his well-known series of "Social Pests," though it would perhaps be more correct to say that he has pilloried therein the more extravagant of our social freaks.

That excellent divine, Schleiermacher, exalted this document of the Rights of the Flesh as "a pæan of Love, in all its completeness," but it is a feeble, tiresome performance, absolutely without structure, quite deserving the saucy epigram on which it was pilloried by the wit of the time: Pedantry once of Fancy begged the dole Of one brief kiss; she pointed him to Shame.

"I should hardly care to go so far as that to make the rule absolute; a very strong man might escape contamination, perhaps." Mrs. Porter sighed audibly. The minister was weakening most lamentably, giving her husband a loophole to escape. "I hardly think racing quite so bad as it is generally supposed to be," interposed Crane, feeling that Porter was being pilloried somewhat.

People said there was no doubt about it, only Claudius Smith could have worn that skull, and he deserved to be publicly pilloried in that manner.

'I have compelled you, she wrote afterwards, in her bitter triumph, 'to be a greater Fool than you made me. She, then, it was that drove him to his public absurdity, she who insisted that he should never win her unless he sacrificed his dear longing for stage-laurels and actually pilloried himself upon the stage.

Pending my appeals to the Home Office, the sovereign and the people, I have placed a thousand pounds in my solicitor's hands " "A thousand pounds! have you, sir? What for, if I am not too curious?" "For this, sir. Each prisoner whom you have pilloried and starved and assaulted contrary to law shall bring an action of assault against you the moment he leaves prison.

She had been tippling; it was but a dingy tragedy; and it seems strange and hard that, after all these years, the poor crazy sinner should be still pilloried on her cart in the scrap-book of my memory.