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"I don't see," said Melick, obstinately, "why one shouldn't get papyrus now and have it made up into writing material." "Oh, that's out of the question," said the doctor. "How could it ever enter into anyone's head? How could your mere sensation-monger procure the raw material? That of itself would be a work of immense difficulty. How could he get it made up? That would be impossible.

These were the words which Isis spoke, Isis the great lady, the Queen of the gods, who knew by his own name. In late times magicians used to write the above Legend on papyrus above figures of Temu and Heru-Hekenu, who gave his secret name, and over figures of Isis and Horus, and sell the rolls as charms against snake bites.

The demotic was published in facsimile by Mariette in 1871, among "Les Papyrus du Musee de Boulaq;" and it has been translated by Brugsch, Revillout, Maspero, and Hess.

The two first sections, as they are found on a papyrus in Berlin, read thus: ISIS SAITH: "Come to thy house, come to thy house, O An, come to thy house. O beautiful youth, come to thy house. Look thou upon me. I am the sister who loveth thee, go not far from me. O Beautiful Boy, come to thy house, straightway, straightway.

In forming the papyrus into books it was customary to use a long sheet or web of it, and roll it upon a stick, as is the custom in respect to maps at the present day. The writing was in columns, each of which formed a sort of page, the reader holding the ends of the roll in his two hands, and reading at the part which was open between them.

On some elevations that emerge are lotus and papyrus. At the bottom, under the water, other plants, with large cabbage leaves, on which the feet slip, which occasions numerous falls. In these waters, considerable quantities of little fish of the silurus species. The natives catch them by billions in wickers and sell them to the caravans. Impossible to find a place to camp for the night.

These banks were most peculiar, as they appeared to have been formed of decayed vegetation, from which the papyrus rushes took root; the thickness of the floating mass was about three feet, and so tough and firm that a man could walk upon it, merely sinking above his ankles in the soft ooze.

"They are scarce three hours old. Who reached thee with them before me?" Atsu interposed and explained the interchange of letters. "Oh," said Horemheb. "So the correct message came to thee, nevertheless, good Atsu. But I can not tell thee aught of the other. It is lost." "Lost!" Ranas shrieked. "Gods! old man. It was only pigment and papyrus, not gold or jewels.

The words they contain are not merely information, they have magic power to smooth away obstacles and to open doors. Hence it is important for a man to have learned them when alive, and, to assist his memory, a few chapters are written on papyrus or linen, and the rolls placed with the mummy in its case, or they are written on the walls of the tomb.

"Nebenchari," returned Phanes, "is the son of this very Sonnophre who changed the children." The physician did not raise his eyes; his face was gloomy and sullen. Cambyses took the roll of papyrus out of Onuphis' band, looked at the characters with which it was covered, shook his head, went up to Nebenchari and said: "Look at these characters and tell me if it is your father's writing."

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