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But, divided as Greece is among so many parties and so many leaderships, if I must speak the truth freely, there is no state whose offices and halls of council appear more deserted by Grecian politics than ours. And no wonder; when neither friendship, nor confidence, nor fear leads any to negotiate with us.

Franklin, deeply indebted to the French court and on the best of terms with Vergennes, was willing to credit him with good intentions and was ready to accept his advice to negotiate with England under the vague terms of Oswald's commission; but Jay, who had had a mortifying experience in Spain, suspected treachery and insisted that England must, in opening negotiations, fully recognize American independence.

In this great plain, which is the stronghold of eastern Sphakia, as Omalos of western, he encamped to negotiate and try a last effort at conciliation. The next day one of the captains of the section bordering on Askyphó came to me for advice as to accepting Mustapha's propositions. I told him I could not advise him to fight or make peace, but I translated Mr.

He passed the body of Valensolle, and placed himself between those of Jayat and Ribier. "Gentlemen," said he, "let us negotiate." The hush that followed was so great that those present seemed scarcely to breathe. I understand that." A dreadful shudder passed through the crowd. "Well," continued Morgan, "I am willing to give you that satisfaction.

She would not offend Philip; she would not abandon the provinces; she would therefore negotiate thus there was an infinite deal of diplomatic nothing spun and unravelled, but the result was both to abandon the provinces and to offend Philip.

It is all very well to say that payments are only suspended for a year, but it is not believed." He then asked me if I knew a certain Comte de St. Germain, who had lately arrived at the Hague. "He has not called on me," said the ambassador, "though he says he is commissioned by the king to negotiate a loan of a hundred millions.

Nicholas P. Trist, the commissioner on the part of the United States to negotiate a treaty of peace with Mexico, was with the army, and either he or General Scott thought probably both of them that a treaty would be more possible while the Mexican government was in possession of the capital than if it was scattered and the capital in the hands of an invader.

They undertook to negotiate for the purchase of the prisoner, and obtained him for a moderate price. The owner was fully impressed with the belief that he would die before long, and therefore regarded the purchase of him as a mere freak of humanity, by which he was willing enough to profit. When he heard soon afterward that the doctor pronounced him out of danger, he was greatly enraged.

A warmer reception they could never have hoped for nor desired. Two special commissioners were now appointed by the States-General to negotiate with the envoys. These were count Lewis William and Brederode. With these delegates at large were associated seven others, one from each province.

Morrel now tried to negotiate bills at ninety days only, and none of the banks would give him credit. Fortunately, Morrel had some funds coming in on which he could rely; and, as they reached him, he found himself in a condition to meet his engagements when the end of July came.