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The scripture lessons in our Breviaries are generally known as "the scripture occurring," and are so arranged that each book of scripture is begun at least, except the books, Josue, Judges, Ruth, Paralipomenon and the Canticle of Canticles. Quignonez arranged in his reform that the whole Bible should be read yearly. But his book was withdrawn by Pope Paul IV. in 1558.

But look thou into that matter of Saint James, and thou shalt find it to touch not well men, but only sick; which, knowledging their sins when their conscience is troubled, and praying each for other, shall be healed of their sickness." "Moreover, Achan did confession unto Josue," said Bertram, starting another hare. "Ah! Josue was a priest, trow?"

"That Josue Anquetil," answered the apprentice. The Master of Burials rubbed his hands together with a creepy sort of glee. "Ah, that was a clever piece of work! Too little of a length and a width for the box, but let us be thankful it might have been too short, and it wasn't." "No danger of that, pardingue!" broke in the apprentice. "The first it belonged to was a foot longer than Josue he."

"But I made the most of Josue," continued the Master. "The mouth was crooked, but he was clean, clean I shaved him just in time. And he had good hair for combing to a peaceful look, and he was light to carry O my good! Go on, what has Josue the centenier to say for himself?"

Ptolomaus, the priest, then turned to the watch and said, "Do you hear? You will know the master by a kiss!" "Yes, yes," cried the soldiers, "we shall not miss him." "Now," said Judas, "let us make haste; it is time. We are not far from the garden." Then said Josue to Judas, "Judas, if tonight brings us good fortune, thou wilt profit by the fruit of thy work."

Dathan, the zealous Israelite, has won over one of the most trusted companions of the Galilean, who will let himself be employed as a guide, so that we may surprise him by night. Both are here, only waiting a summons to appear before us." "Bring them in," cried with eager voices the priests and Pharisees. Josue volunteered, "I will call them." "Yes, call them," said Caiaphas.

"But," said Josue, "how shall we know him in the darkness so as not to arrest another in place of the one we desire?" "I shall give you a sign," said Judas, "when we are in the garden; then look out. I will hasten up to him, and the man whom I shall kiss; that is he; bind him!" Then said Korah, "Good, this sign will prevent us from making any mistake."

Then came in Dathan and Judas, Josue conducting them into the presence of the Sanhedrin. Dathan stood forward and said, "Most learned council, I here fulfil the task entrusted to me, and present to the fathers a man who is determined for a suitable reward to deliver our and your enemy into our power.

Also fro Bethanye to Jerico, was somtyme a litylle Cytee: but it is now alle destroyed; and now is there but a litylle village. That cytee tok Josue, be myracle of God and commandement of the aungel, and destroyed it and cursed it, and alle hem that bylled it azen.

At this Caiaphas turned his back upon Pilate and looked with indignation upon his followers, who showed the liveliest manifestations of disgust. Josue said, "Everything has been well considered and examined already. The law pronounces him worthy of death." The Jews, turning to go, angrily discussed this reverse. "This is a troublesome delay," said the rabbi.

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