This is artificial, being the buried ruins of a Roman outwork; a portion of the ancient castrum." Again he waved indicatively, this time toward the window. "When it was a priory it was completely isolated and defended by its environing moat. Today it is completely surrounded by barbed-wire fencing.

He ought not to think I'm knocking around, since Have just introduced him out there," though Drouet. " I saw you," Hurstwood said, genially, the next time. Drouet drifted in to his polished resort, from which he Could not stay away. He raised his forefinger indicatively, as parents do to children.

"Oh, with these cloisters, one shouldn't complain," said she, glancing indicatively round. "One can still be out of doors, and yet not get the wetting one deserves. And the view is so fine, and these faded old frescoes are so droll." "Yes," said he, his wits, for the instant, in a state of suspended animation. "The view is fine, the frescoes are droll."

As to his suit, or appeal, he could assure me that Serjeant Wedderburn, and all who would or could speak on the subject, saw no prospect of success; not any. The worst of it was, that it caused my father to commit himself in sundry ways. It gave a handle to his enemies. It he glanced at me indicatively. I thanked the well-meaning gentleman without encouraging him to continue.

O'Donovan Florence; and she brandished her sunshade threateningly. "On your engagement to Mr. what's this his name is? to be sure." She glanced indicatively down the lawn, in the direction of Peter's retreating tweeds. Beatrice had looked blank. But now she looked first, perhaps, for a tiny fraction of a second, startled then gently, compassionately ironical. "My poor Kate!

This curious little creature cared nothing for the society of the other children. Out of doors, she roamed till she could walk no longer, and then lay down anywhere, like a little animal, to sleep. She happened to look up as I stood at the window. Seeing me, she waved her hand indicatively in the direction of the rectory gate. "What is it?" I asked. The Arab answered, "Jicks wants to get out."

But I can make a plain statement in prose this is Trustee Day." "Hell!" The House Surgeon walked over to the calendar on the desk to verify the fact. "Well, what are you going to do about it?" Margaret MacLean spread her hands over the primroses, indicatively. "I told you magic." She wrinkled up her forehead into a worrisome frown.

She had a moment of abstraction; but now, emerging from it, she used her eyeglass as a pointer, and indicatively swept the circle of painted eavesdroppers. "They make one feel like their grandmother, their youth is so flagrant," she sighed, "these grandmothers of the Quattrocento. Ah, well, we can only be old once, and we should take advantage of the privileges of age while we have 'em.

"Some of Satt's boys are trying to get the cattle out of the lower corral." He fingered his hat, looked first at Duke, then at Gale, then at de Spain. "Guess they'll need a little help, so I asked Sassoon to come over " Pardaloe jerked his head indicatively toward the front. "He's outside with some of the boys now." "Tell Sassoon to come in here!" thundered Gale. De Spain's left arm shot out.

The doctor led the way with intervals of breathing-time accorded to the old lady on his arm straight to the top of the house. Having collected his visitors in the corridor, and having waved his hand indicatively at the numbered doors opening out of it on either side, he invited the company to look into any or all of the rooms at their own pleasure.