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Pitkin said: "Alonzo, I don't like this." "What don't you like, ma?" "Uncle bringing this boy home. It is very extraordinary, this sudden interest in a perfect stranger." "Do you think he'll leave him any money?" asked Alonzo, betraying interest. "I don't know what it may lead to, Lonny, but it don't look right. Such things have been known."

I should like to get our poor friend here under cover as soon as possible, for more reasons than one, and he'll be the better for a mug of soup." The Dominie, among other articles, had carried, I should have said, a small saucepan, which had served to fetch water, boil our tea, and was equally applicable for making a small quantity of soup.

"Court's going to take Gila to church! You don't suppose he'll take her to that dump where he led you this morning, do you? I can see her nose go up now. I thought I'd croak when she told me! Wait till you hear her call me up on the 'phone when she gets home! She'll give me the worst balling out I ever had!

"I was going to," the other replied, not even casting a glance over his shoulder. Old man Smith turned to Lopez. "Oh! You didn't shoot quick enough! I got it now! Ask him why he wants the place! Maybe he'll tell another one!" And he tittered with glee. Lopez put the question to Pell. "I I " the latter stammered; but could get no farther. Uncle Henry was gleeful now.

"Ah, I don't think it's a thing he'll like to speak of in any case," said March. Stoller left him, at the corner they had reached, as abruptly as he had joined him, and March hurried back to his wife, and told her what had just passed between him and Stoller. She broke out, "Well, I am surprised at you, my dear!

I don't mean you're in my way; I'm talking of times when I'm busy. Well, there he sits; and sometimes he'll be that low it's enough to make a body strangle herself with her apron-string. Other times he'll talk, talk, talk and it's all Thyrza Trent, Thyrza Trent, till the name makes my ears jingle. This afternoon I couldn't put up with it, so I told him he was a great big baby to go on as he does.

I know he'll say something, and then what shall I do?" Evening meditation and morning work somewhat allayed her fears, and having decided that she wouldn't be vain enough to think people were going to propose when she had given them every reason to know what her answer would be, she set forth at the appointed time, hoping Teddy wouldn't do anything to make her hurt his poor feelings.

The girl gains by it as well as I. I am not taking the least advantage of her. I shall have to get her guardian's consent, and I suppose he'll know what he is up to. I have never taken any one's advice, and I am not going to begin now, old boy so we had better say good-bye if you won't stop."

He's got his typewriter with him, I wonder if he is planning another book." "Let's go and ask him," announced Bet, jumping up and starting toward the door. "It's ten o'clock! He'll be sound asleep," said Shirley. "Don't you think you can wait until morning?" Bet had waited and then asked the old man, but she got little satisfaction. The professor was shy about his work.

Mattie! dear Mattie! this gentleman don't be vexed I couldn't help him bein' a gentleman; I was cryin' that bad, and I didn't see no one come up to me, and when he spoke to me, it made me jump, and I couldn't help answerin' of him he spoke so civil and soft like, and me nigh mad! I thought you was dead, Mattie. He says he'll see us righted, Mattie. Col.

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