Carlo soon after entered with some fruit: 'Your excellenza is tired after your long ramble, said he, as he set the fruit upon the table; 'but you have more to see after breakfast. There is a place in the vaulted passage leading to Montoni frowned upon him, and waved his hand for him to leave the room.

Father Damianus came and made the old excellenza understand what the holy Virgin expected of a Christian, and when the padrona still tried to carry out her will, the holy man spoke to her in words so harsh and stern that she yielded. The signorina is now lying in bed with burning cheeks, raving in delirium." "And who is attending the patient?"

"You, Antonio! Already returned?" asked Strozzi, surprised. "Yes, excellenza. I know the name of the young man in the gondola which stopped before the palace this morning." Strozzi was too much agitated to speak. He signed to the man to go on. "It was Prince Eugene of Savoy.

At least, so these good people think," said he, leaning over to speak in the Count's ear, "and why should I thwart their hopes? I, for my part, do not hate an absolute government. Excellenza, every man of talent is for depotism!

I will show you the way, and, as God in heaven hears me, I will bring you safely back." "How solemnly you speak, Antonio!" "Ah, excellenza, it is easier to enter that palace than to leave it! But you shall leave it in safety, as I hope to be saved from perdition!" "At what hour did you say?" "At eight this evening. And now, my lord, allow me to leave you for a time.

It was many minutes before the Grand Duke recovered from the surprise occasioned by the appearance of Carlton, and the confusion consequent upon the sudden illness of his ward; but at length he put the question inquiringly: "Americano?" "Si, excellenza." "And this is the work of thy hands?" "It is, excellenza."

The Count preserved such an impenetrable attitude that the cook could discover nothing of his political views. "Ottoboni," he ran on, "is a saint; very kind-hearted; all the refugees are fond of him; for, Excellenza, a liberal may have his virtues. Oho!

As the chief stood, his advanced foot was on the scuttle's curb. Bannadonna spoke: "Excellenza, now that, following your keener eye, I glance upon the face of Una, I do, indeed perceive some little variance. But look all round the bell, and you will find no two faces entirely correspond. Because there is a law in art but the cold wind is rising more; these lattices are but a poor defense.

"I came to you about the physician, my dear sir, for Doctor de Bout, who instantly obeyed my summons, was treated so badly by the old excellenza, that he turned his back upon her and told me, at the door of the house, he wouldn't come again."

"The prize, your excellenza," said Carlton, "I gladly accept as a token of your liberality in advancing the interests of the noble art I follow.