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The woman who was particularly kind to me was the wife of Eatum; and the Dean and I at once called her Mrs. Eatum, which made them all yeh-yeh very much; and they got to calling her that too, as near, at least, as they could pronounce it which was, Impsuseatum. Her right name was Serkut, which means 'little nose'; Eatum's right name was Tuk-tuk, that is, reindeer, because he could run very fast.

"This very much surprised us, as we knew that he was asking for water, which having been given him, he then said, 'Me eatum', signifying that he was hungry. We lost no time, therefore, in preparing him a hearty meal of ducks and bear's meat, which he appeared to think very fine.

Then we took leave of our savage friends, which we of course did not do without some feelings of sorrow and regret at parting from them, remembering as we did how kind they had been to us, and how they had rescued us from our unhappy situation; and the savages seemed a little sorry too. First came Eatum and Mrs.

"All the folks b'longum my brother's wife, heap lazy all time. Me no likum. Agent one time givum plenty flour, plenty meat, plenty tea. Huh. Them damn' folks no eatum. All time playum cards, drinkum whisky. All time otha fella ketchum flour, ketchum meat, ketchum tea ketchum all them thing b'longum." In the rhetorical pause he made there, his black eyes wandered inadvertently to Evadna's face.

"And now it was that we got to find out how he had picked up the few words such as me drinkum, me eatum, and so on, that he had used at first; for he gave us to know that we were not a long way from where ships came every year, and that some of his people saw the ships when they passed, and sometimes went aboard of them.

Me got plenty flour, plenty meat, plenty tea. Stay all time my wikiup. Sleepum my wikiup. Sun come up" he pointed a brown, sinewy hand toward the east "eatum my grub. Sun up there" his finger indicated the zenith "eatum some more. Sun go 'way, eatum some more. Then sleepum all time my wikiup.

"We kept our promise to give Eatum all our property; but the captain of the Rob Roy wanted 'Old Crumply' and 'The Dean's Delight, and our pot and lamp, and some other things; so he gave Eatum other valuables in place of them.

"No come back. Go sleep roun' fire. 'Top all snakum eatum." Twice over it seemed to Carey that he lost consciousness, though he never went fairly off to sleep, but sat there suffering terrible mental pain and the burning sensation in his chest as if he were being seared with a hot iron. The night seemed as if it would never come to an end.

"The bear had been sleeping behind an iceberg, and we had come upon him so suddenly that he had not time even to get out of sight, and we saw him almost as soon as we had discovered the track. 'Nen-ook, nen-ook! cried Eatum, pointing towards the bear; and there he was, sure enough, running as fast as he could.

It seemed to amuse them very much, but they showed no disposition to take it along. "At last we were all ready. The sledges were all stowed, everything was tightly lashed down, and off we started, I riding on the sledge with Eatum, while the Dean was on the sledge of 'Old Grim.