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All ideals are and must forever remain objective illusions which came forth out of the power of the corresponding noble impulse, imaginative objective conceptions of the moral impulses. Scientific Darwinism and Moral Principles.

It is evident from the peace-relation between mere scientific Darwinism and moral principles, that naturo-historical Darwinism also remains in peace with moral life.

I readily admit it; but why have so many of our leaders shown such a strong hankering after the theory, if there is nothing in it? The deadlock that I have pointed out as existing in Darwinism will, I doubt not, lead ere long to a consideration of Professor Hering's theory.

But Darwin's own doctrine regarding the causes and process of Descent which alone can be called Darwinism, has on the other hand doubtlessly waned in influence and prestige." This is exactly what we also maintain: The establishment of the theory of Descent in general, and the continual retrogression of Darwinism in particular.

Only the principle of Descent is universally recognized; the "how" of it, its causes, are to-day entirely a matter of dispute. The strongest evidence of the decay of Darwinism is to be found in the fact that, since Darwin first enunciated his theory, many and diverse attempts have been made to explain the origin of species on other principles.

The second main division of the book is taken up with a very searching and detailed criticism of Weismann. Eimer devotes special attention to "mimicry"; and indeed he was forced to be very solicitous to dispel this fanciful conception of Darwinism which radically contradicted his own views.

"Know I've come to the right place for charity. The Aboriginal Evolution Society, my dear boy. All it wants are a few hundreds to float it off. Noble aim, Girdlestone glorious object." "What is the object?" the merchant asked. "Well, the evolution of the aborigines," Edwards answered in some confusion. "Sort of practical Darwinism. Evolve 'em into higher types, and turn 'em all white in time.

Or, "The recognition of the theory of development and the monistic philosophy based upon it forms the best criterion for the degree of man's mental development." In view of these things, we certainly do no injustice to this tendency when we deny to it the conception of the idea and the practice of humility. Scientific Darwinism and Moral Life.

Less than the foregoing tribute both to Messrs. Darwin and Wallace I will not, and more I cannot pay. Let us now turn to the most authoritative exponent of latter-day evolution I mean to Mr. Wallace, whose work, entitled "Darwinism," though it should have been entitled "Wallaceism," is still so far Darwinistic that it develops the teaching of Mr. Darwin in the direction given to it by Mr.

Benjamin Kidd, in a masterful work, entitled, "The Science of Power," points out how Darwinism furnished Nietzsche with a scientific basis for his godless system of philosophy and is demoralizing industry. He also quotes eminent English scientists to support the last charge in the indictment, namely, that Darwinism robs the reformer of hope.

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