"I lost that dog on my old run with the Coast Line. Owners sued the road. Road came back on me said I had no business accepting him without a crate. Had to hunt a new job " "Oh, come off!" interrupted Earle. "The Coast Line's a hundred miles east." "Can't help it. That's the dog. Watch him. Commere Commere, Dan. See? Knows me. Ever see the beat of that?

Seated on a green-and-white striped chair he watched a revue, of which from start to finish he understood but one word 'out', to wit absorbed in the doings of a red-moustached gentleman in blue who wrangled in rapid French with a black-moustached gentleman in yellow, while a snow-white commere and a compere in a mauve flannel suit looked on at the brawl.

The French have the words compère and commère; and it is curious to observe that the name of compère is given to the confederate of the juggler, who stands among the crowd, and slyly helps in the performance of the trick. We went one day to the Hospital of San Lazaro. I have mentioned the word "lepero" as applied to the poor and idle class of half-caste Mexicans.

BARATILLO, a Rag-fair, market of odds and ends; see p. 169. BARBACOA, whence English "barbecue;" see p. 95; a native Haitian word. BARRANCCA, a ravine. CALZONCILLOS, drawers. CAPA, a cloak. CAYO, a coral-reef. CHAPARREROS, over-trousers of goatskin with the hair on, used in riding. CHINGUERITO, Indian-corn brandy. COMPADRE. COMADRE; French, compère, commère; see p. 250.

It was not so great a distance to Domremy on the Meuse from Troyes on the Loire, and it appears that a little group of peasants, bolder than the rest, had come forth to hang about the road when the army passed and see what was so fine a sight, and perhaps to catch a glimpse of their payse, their little neighbour, the commere who was godmother to Gerard d'Epinal's child, the youthful gossip of his young wife but who was now, if all tales were true, a great person, and rode by the side of the King.

The same energy and comprehension of mind which induced and enabled Alfred to improve his navy so much, led him to favour geographical pursuits and commere. In his Anglo-Saxon translation of Orosius, he has inserted the information he had obtained from two Scandinavians, Ohter and Wulfstan.

It was impossible for the whole family to come, and, indeed, apart from the grandfather and grandmother, only the twins, Denis and Blaise, and the latter's wife Charlotte, were expected, together with the godparents. Beauchene, the godfather, had selected Madame Seguin as his commere, for, since the death of Maurice, Constance shuddered at the bare thought of touching a child.

Mons. L y seasoned the severity of his political apothegms with intermediate sallies of mirth and gallantry. He ogled the venerable gentlewoman his commere, who sat by him. He looked, sighed, and languished, sung tender songs, and kissed the old lady's hand with all the ardour of a youthful admirer. I unfortunately congratulated him on having such a pretty young gentleman to his son.

During the lunch, too, there was the formidable appetite and jovial laughter of Beauchene, who gave the greatest attention to his commere Valentine, jesting and paying her the most extravagant court, which afforded her much amusement, prone as she still was to play a girlish part, though she was already forty-five and a grandmother like Marianne.

The trouser-seat remained where it was deaf to its child's cry. "Pa! Commere! Wantcha!" The trousers did not even quiver. But this girl was a girl of decision. There was some nautical implement resting in a rack convenient to her hand. It was long, solid, and constructed of one of the harder forms of wood.