'Tis no manner av use bukkin' to the Sahib, bekaze he doesn't samjao your talk. Av he bolos anything, just you choop and chel. Dekker? Go arsty for the first arder-mile from cantonmints. Thin chel, Shaitan ke marfik, an' the chooper you choops an' the jildier you chels the better kooshy will that Sahib be; an' here's a rupee for ye?

It was quite dark inside when Sunni pushed open the door, but the old woman, slumbering light, started up from her charpoy with a little cry. 'Choop! said he in a low, quick tone; and Tooni, recognising his voice, was instantly silent. Sunni made his way to the side of the bed, and took one of her hands. 'Listen, Tooni, said he, in the same tone, 'I am come for what is mine. Give it to me.

I would have killed him with my dagger!" and the boy clapped his hand to his girdle, only to discover that the precious dagger had dropped by the way. Turning immediately upon Gerrard, he began to beat him with his fists. "Where is my dagger, O fair man? Hast thou stolen it? Give it back!" "Choop!" said Gerrard unceremoniously, for Partab Singh had ridden to the edge of the bank opposite.

As I stride among the drenching scrub, and over ancient logs which, before I was born, stood erect and challenged all the winds that blow, I listen for the sound of his bell, and then call to my friend Punch: 'Choop! Choop! Choop, Punch! Come away, boy! Come away! Choop! Choop! But not too loudly, and not at all peremptorily. For I do not really want him to come, or, at least, not too hurriedly.

But the man was too engrossed in his brutality to hear him or the havildar, who repeated the Major's order. It was not until Dermot actually seized his arm and dragged him back that he perceived his commanding officer. Dropping the bamboo he strove to justify his ill-treatment of the elephant by alleging some petty act of disobedience on its part. His excuses were cut short. "Choop raho!

'Choop! said the Maharajah crossly. You might almost guess that 'Choop' meant 'Be quiet! 'But it was an offence, he continued. 'Protector of the poor, I meant no harm. 'That is true talk. And you shall receive no harm. But you must leave the boy with me. I want him to play games with my son, to amuse my son.

Let the challenger wait till G'rilla put his fighting face on fair terrifyin'. Not an Artilleryman but felt sure that the garrison-gunner would successfully defend the title and "give the swankin' Queen's Greys something to keep them choop for a bit. Gettin' above 'emselves they was, becos' this bloke of theirs had won Best Man-at-Arms and had the nerve to challenge G'rilla Dowdall, R.G.A."