In such cases, it is unreasonable to expect to check the size of the exostosis and, of course, such methods are not employed where lameness causes distress to the subject. Firing usually causes prompt recovery from lameness and is a dependable manner of treating such cases but there remains more blemish following cauterization than where vesication is done.

The treatment for headache among all the savage tribes was a simple cauterization of the forehead in spots burnt with a hot iron close to the roots of the hair. The natives declared that the water was unwholesome from the small stream at the foot of the hill and that all those who drank from the well were in good health.

Three doctors have already annoyed me with worthless prescriptions, and this morning I paid their bills and dismissed them; whereupon, one of them revenged himself by maliciously informing me that I should not be able to sing a note for one year at least." "To what do they attribute the disease?" "To that attack of scarlet fever, and also to the too frequent and severe cauterization of my throat.

Excision with the bistoury, or with scissors, may be tried when the polypus is near the orifice of the nostril, and particularly when it is not large at the base. Excision should be followed by cauterization with the red-hot iron, by which a portion of the base of the tumour is destroyed, and which could not be reached by a sharp instrument.

Just what is the distribution of the receptors for heat and for cold I am unable to state, but this much we do know, that without anesthesia the intestines may be cauterized freely without the least pain resulting, and in animals the cauterization of the brain causes no demonstrable change in the circulatory or respiratory reactions.

In small horses, one deep point of cauterization is sufficient if the osseous tissues are penetrated to a proper depth so that an active inflammation is induced. The cautery may, if necessary, be reintroduced several times.

He emphasizes very much the necessity for careful attention to the gastro-intestinal tract in many cases of epilepsy. Planned diet and regular bowels are very helpful. He rejects treatment of the condition by surgery of the head, either by trephining or by incisions, or cauterization. Regular exercise, baths, sexual abstinence are the foundation of any successful treatment.

Cauterization widely round the limb of the bite with a strong solution of nitrate of silver, one drachm to the ounce, to prevent the introduction of the poison into the system by the lymphatics.

Not only for his mules and his horses, but also for himself and his family, cauterization is in high repute, especially as he estimates the value of a remedy as much by its immediate and visible action as by its ultimate effects. The "fire-doctor" is therefore even a greater character in his way than the "bleeder," whom we have just visited.

I am lost, I am disfigured forever." She fell back in her armchair and began to sob. The doctor took a chair, sat down beside her, and said soothingly in a gentle tone: "Come, let me see; I assure you it is nothing. With a slight cauterization I will make it all disappear." She shook her head in denial, without speaking.