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He spoke of these travellers, with their purses full of guineas, just as our Provincial fathers used to speak of British bloods in the time of King George III. Quid loquar? Why repeat what he told us? "Aut Scyllam Nisi, quam fama secuta est, Candida succinctam latrantibus inguina monstris, Dulichias vexâsse rates, et gurgite in alto Ah timidos nautas canibus lacerâsse marinis?"

'There was the young Laird of Balmawhapple, a Falconer by surname, of the house of Glenfarquhar, given right much to field sports GAUDAT EQUIS ET CANIBUS but a very discreet young gentleman.

In truth, it was proven that no amount of battering and bruising could kill so famous a warrior. But, if he opened his eyes, he spoke not a word until the physician was gone, when his lips slowly resumed their power of motion, and he said, in a voice scarcely intelligible, "Quantibus, moribus, canibus, omnibus, ma dormibus." "Pray, what does he say?" inquired the bystanders of one another.

Col is quite the Juvenis qui gaudet canibus . He had, when we left Talisker, two greyhounds, two terriers, a pointer, and a large Newfoundland water-dog. He lost one of his terriers by the road, but had still five dogs with him. I was very ill, and very desirous to get to shore.

That such was the custom of the Romans on these occasions appears from passages of Suetonius and Dio Cassius: "Pattrem familias canibus objecit, cure hoc titulo, Impie locutus parmularius." Suet. Domit. cap. x. And in Dio Cassius we have the following: "Having led him through the midst of the court or assembly, with a writing signifying the cause of his death, and afterwards crucifying him." Ib.

Tickler with such intenseness that he turned pale, and repeated his question. Whereupon the prostrate patient again muttered, "Quantibus, moribus, canibus, ma dormebus." "Faith, and it's as good Latin as my man could speak, which is saying no little for him as a gentleman," said Mr. Tickler, with an air of much wisdom.

'There was the young Laird of Balmawhapple, a Falconer by surname, of the house of Glenfarquhar, given right much to field- sports gaudet equis et canibus but a very discreet young gentleman.

Accordingly, one bright morning I wrapped myself carefully in my cloak, placed my invaluable person safely in my carriage, and set off to Chester Park, in the county of Suffolk. Hinc Canibus blandis rabies venit Virgil Georgics.

Tunc portantur et milites in equis, et armis quoque pleni atque parati, qui feruentibus sonipedibus se inuicem cuspidibus ad fragorem magnum configentes lanceas comminuunt, et fragmenta per mensas, et pauimenta discurrunt. Ac deinde fantastice venantur per aulam, cum canibus et papionibus, ad ceruos, lupos, vrsos, et apros, ad lepores, et marmotas.

For men seyn there, that it is resoun, that sche make him companye in that other world, as sche did in this. De Regnis Cynocephalorum, et alijs Insulis. In alia insula faciunt suos infirmos ante mortem ab eductis in hoc magnis canibus strangulari, manducantes in conuiuio carnes pro optimo ferculo venationis.