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In 1797 "Hentzner's Travels in England" were edited, together with Sir Robert Naunton's "Fragmenta Regalia," in the volume from which they are here reprinted, with notes by the translator and the editor. Sir Robert Naunton was of an old family with large estates, settled at Alderton, in Suffolk.

When the name of Pallas is mentioned as one of the scientific men employed for this purpose, and empowered to direct the enquiries of his associates, and to revise them, in it a sufficient pledge is given of the accuracy and value of their labours. Michalonis Lithuani de Moribus Tartarorum, Lithuanorum et Moschorum Fragmenta. Basle, 1615. 4to.

Erasmus describes this exhibition with a touch of scorn. "Fragmenta linteorum lacera plerumque macci vestigium servantia. His, ut aiebant, vir pius extergebat sudorem e facie," etc. The walls of this chapel show many traces of fresco decoration: the pattern seems to have consisted of a clustering vine tree spread over the roof.

Basket parties had evidently eaten many a luncheon on the first battle-field of the Revolution, and notices were posted about, asking the public not to deface the trees, and instructing them where to put their paper wrappers and fragmenta regalia.

This account of the fabulous origin of civilization in Chaldæa and Assyria will be found in the second book of BEROSUS. See Fragmenta Historicorum Græcorum of Ch. MÜLLER, vol. i. fr. 4, 13. Genesis xiv. F. LENORMANT, Manuel de l'Histoire ancienne, vol. ii. p. 24.

* Nanton's Fragmenta Regalia, p. 203. Hugh O'Neale, nephew to Shan O'Neale, had been raised by the queen to the dignity of earl of Tyrone; but having murdered his cousin, son of that rebel, and being acknowledged head of his clan, he preferred the pride of barbarous license and dominion to the pleasures of opulence and tranquillity, and he fomented all those disorders by which he hoped to weaken or overturn the English government.

Work on the lines suggested by the Linnaean fragmenta was continued in France by Bernard de Jussieu and his nephew, Antoine Laurent, and the arrangement suggested by the latter in his Genera Plantarum secundum Ordines Naturales disposita is the first which can claim to be a natural system.

Deiotarus was king or tetrarch of Galatia in Asia Minor, and had come to the assistance of Pompeius with a considerable force. Pompeius had given him Armenia the Less, and the title of King. It is placed among the Fragmenta Incerta CXIX. ed. The last sentence of this chapter is somewhat obscure, and the opinions of the critics vary as to the reading.

The book which I have ventured to call a Creed or Catechism is the work of Sallustius About the Gods and the World, a book, I should say, about the length of the Scottish Shorter Catechism. It is printed in the third volume of Mullach's Fragmenta Philosophorum; apart from that, the only edition generally accessible and that is rare is a duodecimo published by Allatius in 1539.

He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and on January 8th, 1617-18, was made Secretary of State: King James I. having been previously so well pleased with his eloquence and learning as to appoint him Master of the Court of Wards. Sir Robert Naunton was the Author of the interesting "Fragmenta Regalia, or Observations on Queen Elizabeth and her Favourites."