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Come! are you ready to answer respondere parati et cantare pares? Will the villains ever be discovered and punished who stole my fruit? Some unlucky rascals who rob orchards are caught up the tree at once. Some rob through life with impunity.

This person, in the universal opinion of all Bengal, is ranked next to Gunga Govind Sing; and, what is very curious, they have been recorded by Mr. Hastings as rivals in the same virtues. Arcades ambo, Et cantare pares, et respondere parati. But Mr.

et respondere parati? No. Of all the manias of this mad age, the most incurable, as well as the most common, seems to be no other than the Metromanie.

Parati etiam sunt coram Deo testari se non posse acquiescere in Formalistarum foliis ficulneis. The reason which they give us commonly is will and authority; or if at any time they give another reason, it is such an one as cannot clear nor resolve our consciences. But let their reasons be so good as any can be, shall we be thought obstinate for being offended, notwithstanding of their reason?

Ibimus, ibimus, Utcunque praecedes, supremum Carpere iter comites parati. Enough, Horace, of these mortuary musings. You loved the lesson of the roses, and now and again would speak somewhat like a death's head over thy temperate cups of Sabine ordinaire.

I have been reading Catullus very recently, and was so much pleased with his gracefulness, that I thought it no bad practice to translate one or two of his small pieces: as I translated I became more and more aware of the clear elegance of his diction. We will be, or at least believe ourselves to be, "Et cantare pares et decantare parati."

You, who know more of my secrets than any other man, shall be the first to learn a decision that must bind you and me more together but not in these scenes, Dick. 'Ibimus ibimus! Supremum Carpere iter, comites, parati!" "What do you mean, sir?" asked Fairthorn. "My mind always misgives me when I hear you quoting Horace.

As for you Charles, I did not wonder at it; for you will take pains, and are a lover of letters; but you, idle rogue, you Phil, how came you to write so well that one can almost say of you two, 'et cantare pores et respondre parati'! Charles will explain this Latin to you.

Et cantare pares, et respondere parati. Virgil. As we walked on into Tottenham-court-road, where we expected to find a hackney-coach, my companion earnestly and strenuously impressed on my mind, the necessity of implicitly obeying any instructions or hints he might give me in the course of our adventure.

When Scott says "the Giaour is praised among our mountains," and Byron returns "Waverley is the best novel I have read," there is no suspicion of flattery it is the interchange of compliments between men, Et cantare pares et respondere parati. They talk in just the same manner to third parties.