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Of an afternoon, when the bells rang out for the sermon, the shops closed, and the good folk gathered to the churches, psalm-book in hand, we can imagine him drawing near to the English chapel in quite patriarchal fashion, with Mrs. Knox and Mrs. Bowes and Mrs. Locke, James his servant, Patrick his pupil, and a due following of children and maids.

It is not over a man, whose one characteristic is grim fixity of purpose, that the hearts of women are "incensed and kindled with a special care," as it were over their natural children. In the strong quiet patience of all his letters to the weariful Mrs. Bowes, we may perhaps see one cause of the fascination he possessed for these religious women.

'I'll write to her at once, mamma, Lady Harriet said. 'Clare and I are always great friends; I was her confidant in her loves with poor Mr. Kirkpatrick, and we've kept up our intimacy ever since. I know of three offers she had besides. 'I sincerely hope Miss Bowes is not telling her love-affairs to Grace or Lily.

Sometimes they walke abroad in the fields to make the souldiers shoot at pricks with their bowes, but their eating passeth: they will stand eating euen when the other do draw to shoot.

It is a little bewildering, until we recollect the distinction between faithful and unfaithful husbands; for Barron was "a minister of Christ Jesus, his evangel," while Richard Bowes, besides being own brother to a despiser and taunter of God's messengers, is shrewdly suspected to have been "a bigoted adherent of the Roman Catholic faith," or, as Knox himself would have expressed it, "a rotten Papist."

If I do not hear from you before ten, I shall conclude that you have refused my offer." And so speaking the marquis got up from his chair. Arthur also got up, and promised that he would send a letter over from Bowes the first thing on the following morning. "And tell the messenger to wait for an answer," said his lordship; "and pray express yourself definitely, so that there may be no doubt."

Well, as Tom lay thinking, with his eyes turned toward the door, it opens slowly, and who should come in but old Squire Bowes, his face lookin’ as dead as he was in his coffin. “Tom’s very breath left his body; he could not take his eyes off him; and he felt the hair rising up on his head.

Ventidio commyng to faight a field with the Parthians, whose strength for the moste part, consisted in bowes and arrowes, he suffered theim almoste to come harde to his campe, before he drewe out his armie, the whiche onely he did, to be able quickly to prevent them: and not to give them space to shoote.

The larger rivers I have named: The Gascoyne, The Murchison, The Hutt, The Bowes, The Buller, The Chapman, The Greenough, The Irwin, The Arrowsmith, The Smith.

"I must be bold on your liberality," he writes, "not only in that, but in greater things as I shall need." On her part she applies to him for spiritual advice, not after the manner of the drooping Mrs. Bowes, but in a more positive spirit, advice as to practical points, advice as to the Church of England, for instance, whose ritual he condemns as a "mingle-mangle."

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