She crept into the dark goat-house, put down the pot with the food and started milking. "Betje, Betje, Zeen is so ill; Zeen may be dying, Betje!" She always clacked to her goat like that. Two streams of milk came clattering in turns into the little pail. People came: Treze and Mite's little girl, with a lantern, and Barbara Dekkers, who had also come to have a look.

Furthermore he contemptuously advised me to try some other line than Commerce, for which I was, through my Former Career or Vagabond Habits, as he had the face to call it in no wise Fitted. Finally, he ironically wished me a Good Deliverance from the hands of the Assessors of the Commercial Tribunal, and, with a Devilish Sneer, recommended his Housekeeper Betje to my care. O Mr.

There is Smith's division, containing a block of Vermont marble; then Porter's tough conglomerate of Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island; then McDowell's, a splendid specimen of New York; then Blenker's, a magnificent contribution from Germany, with such names as Stahl, Wurnhe, Amsburg, Bushbeck, Bahler, Steinwick, Saest, Betje, Cultes D'Utassy, Von Gilsa, and Schimmelpfennig, who talk the language of their Fatherland, sing the Rhine songs, and drink a deluge of lager beer, slow, sure, reliable men, of the stock that stood undismayed when all things were against them, in the times of Frederick the Great, who lost everything except courage, and, that being invincible, regained all they had lost.

She was for moving Mr. Vandepeereboom to have Betje sent to the Workhouse, there to be set to Spinning, and to receive the usual unhandsome Treatment; and when he refused, having, in truth, no fault to find with the Poor Girl, Madam, in a Huff, withdrew her Countenance and Favour from me, and, with sundry of her spiteful gossips, revived the old Story of my having several Wives alive in different parts of Europe and the New World.

Why did not I avail myself of the many Propitious Moments that offered, and demand the Hand of that most respectable Dutch Dame. The Melancholy Truth is, that she chose to be jealous of Betje, Mr. Vandepeereboom's comely Housekeeper, upon whom I declare that I had never cast any thing but innocently Paternal Glances, and utterly deny that I ever foregathered with that young Fraw.