Wiz my fist zhust boy's fist, but so sharp." "I don't blame you," said Tom. "So zen I must flee. Even to be rude to ze Zherman soldier zis is crime. So I come to Americ'. Zey are looking for me, but I go by night, I sleep in ze haystack zis I show. Zis is what you call talisman. Yess? "So I come to Epinal across ze border, through ze pass in ze mountains. I am free!

"I will tell you," said Frenchy, reverting to Tom's previous question. "I am zhust ze same age as you sefenteen when zey throw my seester in ze zhail because she sing ze Marsellaise. Zat I cannot stand! You see? When ze soldiers fat Zhermans, ugh! When zey come for her, I strike zis fat one here so." "I'm glad you did," said Tom. "Hees eye I cut open, so.

Bockstein relieved the embarrassment of the situation by coming in out of breath, with a brave pretense of having been merely consulting a customer in the next room. "You haf exblained to Misder Eppner?" he inquired. "Den all is done. Here is a card to der Board Room. If orders you haf to gif, Eppner vill dake dem on der floor. Zhust gif him der check for margin, and all is vell."

How large a balance I could draw against I had not the faintest idea. Possibly this was a trap to throw me into jail as a common swindler attempting to pass worthless checks. But there was no time to hesitate. I drew a check for the amount, signed Henry Wilton's name, and tossed it over to Bockstein. "All ridt," said the senior partner. "Zhust talk it ofer vit Misder Eppner. He goes on der floor."

"You will drink zhust a leetle yess?" said the girl prettily. "It is make in our own veenyard." So the boys sipped a little of the wine and found it grateful to their weary bodies and overwrought nerves. "Now you can tell us of Armand," she said eagerly. Often during Tom's simple story she stole to the window and, opening the blind slightly, looked fearfully along the dark, quiet road.