"Untersuchung der Frage ob die Erde in ihrer Umdrehung um die Achse, wodurch sie die Abwechselung des Tages und der Nacht hervorbringt, einige Veränderung seit den ersten Zeiten ihres Ursprunges erlitten habe, &c." KANT'S Sämmtliche Werke, Bd. i. p. 178. Sir W. Thomson, loc. cit., p. 14. Loc. cit., p. 27 Ibid.

Italics the present author's. Sämmtliche Werke vol. xxviii. pp. 142-201. Corpus Reformatorum, vol. i. pp. 598-9. Peasant revolts of a sporadic character are to be met with throughout the Middle Ages even in their halcyon days. Some of these, like the Jacquerie in France and the revolt associated with the name of Wat Tyler in England, were of a serious and more or less extended character.

[Footnote 14: Herder’s sämmtliche Werke, edited by B.

Justice requires that we pass from merely biographical topics, which are evidently not the forte of Professor Marx, to some of those upon which he has bestowed far more space, and doubtless far more labor and pains, and upon which, in this work, he doubtless also rests his claims to our applause. On page 199 of Vol. I. begins a division of the work, entitled by the author "Chorische Werke."

It is still indispensable to the scholar, though not free from pedantries. Contemporaneous with this work of critical scholarship was the cheaper and more popular edition of Boxberger and Maltzahn, published by Hempel in Berlin Schillers Werke, nach den vorzueglichsten Quellen revidierte Ausgabe, 16 parts in 6 vols., 1868-74, which, though unsightly, is valuable for its introductions and notes.

Quoting from an official American report, "Griesheim Elektron, prior to the war, had enormous works chiefly devoted to the manufacture of electrolytic chemicals and became an important factor in the dyestuff business only within recent years, when by absorption of the Oehler Works and the Chemikalien Werke Griesheim, its colour production reached a scale approaching that of the larger houses."

That shew I first, my body to warrent; That no man be so bold, priest ne clerk, Me to disturb of Christ's holy werke; And after that I tell forth my tales, Of bulls, of popes, and of cardinales, Of patriarkes, and of bishops I shew; And in Latin I speake wordes a few,

The new era in Rembrandt literature began with Kolloff's Rembrandt's Leben und Werke, published in 1854. This contribution to truth was followed by the works of Messrs. Bürger and Vosmaer, by the lucubrations of other meritorious bookworms, by the studies of Messrs. Bode and Bredius, and finally by M. Émile Michel's Life, which is the definitive and standard work on Rembrandt.

Spencer would indignantly reject the imputation of atheism; nevertheless, in the judgment of most men, the difference between Antitheist and Atheist is a mere matter of orthography. By Herbert Spencer. Second edition. New York, 1869, p. 30. Von den göttlichen Dingen, Werke, III. pp. 422, 425. Leipzig, 1816. Hylozoic Theory. This theory assumes the universe to be eternal.

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