'Hold on, Sir; hold on, you little devil, I say, one minute, here hold hollo! While Cluffe was shouting these words, and scrambling forward, Puddock was crying 'Curth it, Cluffe, quick oh! hang it, I can't thtand it bleth my thoul! And Puddock let go, and the boat and its precious freightage, with a horrid whisk and a sweep, commenced its seaward career in the dark.

Not that I want to get rid of the child, any more than I want to thtand in her way. I'm willing to take her prenthith, though at her age ith late."

But, Sissy glanced at him with great attention; nor did she in her own breast misunderstand him. As they were all going out again, he favoured her with one slight roll of his movable eye, desiring her to linger behind. As he locked the door, he said excitedly: 'The Thquire thtood by you, Thethilia, and I'll thtand by the Thquire.

My professional reputation wouldn't thtand it! Didn't you thee Wally Mason in front, making notes? They've got him down to do the rewriting." Jill, who had been listening in a dazed way to the conversation, fighting against the waves of sleep which flooded over her, woke up. "Was Wally was Mr Mason there?" "Sure. Sitting at the back." Jill couldn't have said whether she was glad or sorry.

Another thing, you'd better put another belt on Miss Thompson. You'll find some leather and a buckle in my kit. There's sewing material there also." "How far shall we have to climb?" asked Hazel. "'Bout a thousand feet, as a bird flies," Janus answered, with a careless gesture. "Ob, thave me!" wailed Tommy desperately. "I can't thtand any more."

"Surely, but I can't remember all those things, even if I ever knew them." "Jane, you should learn to observe more closely. Most persons are careless about that." Harriet began swimming toward the shore with Jane. "Thay! How long mutht I thtand here in the wet up to my prethiouth neck?" demanded Grace Thompson. Her feet seemed to be very light.

I don't want to know what your brother'th been up to; ith better for me not to know. All I thay ith, the Thquire hath thtood by Thethilia, and I'll thtand by the Thquire. Your brother ith one them black thervanth. Louisa uttered an exclamation, partly of distress, partly of satisfaction. 'Ith a fact, said Sleary, 'and even knowin' it, you couldn't put your finger on him. Let the Thquire come.

Likewithe if you wath to thtand a collar for the dog, or a thet of bellth for the horthe, I thould be very glad to take 'em. Brandy and water I alwayth take. He had already called for a glass, and now called for another. 'If you wouldn't think it going too far, Thquire, to make a little thpread for the company at about three and thixth ahead, not reckoning Luth, it would make 'em happy.

Not that I want to get rid of the child, any more than I want to thtand in her way. I'm willing to take her prentith, though at her age ith late.