Proceeding further down the street on the same side we come to the row of shops extending as far as the corner of Free School Street. These, from the Light Horse Club, are built on ground that in the old days was part of a large compound attached to the girls' department of the old Doveton College, and the Park Street Thanna, which I observe has been lately pulled down, was the girls' school.

The guardian of the peace is then regaled with the best food in the house, after which he is 'wreathed with smiles. If he sees a chance of a farther bribe, he takes his departure saying he will make his report to the thanna. He repeats his procedure with some of the other respectable inhabitants, and goes back a good deal richer than he came, to share the spoil with the thannadar or inspector.

Allahabad Cawnpore 120 Ghoorsahagunge 72 Etawah 73 Kurga 72 Delhi 51 Kurnaul 73 Umballa 45 Kalka 40 Kussowlie 9 Simla 40 Hureepore 20 Kalka 29 Umballa 40 Thikanmajura 36 Jullundur 61 Umritsur 59 Lahore 35 Gugerwalla 39 Goojerat 30 Bimber 27 Serai Saidabad 12 Nowshera 11 Chungas 11 Rajaori 12 Thanna 12 Burrumgulla 11 Poshana 6 Peer Punjal 9 Poshana 9 Aliabad 11 Heerpore 13 Shupayon 6 Ramoon 9 Sirinugger 14 Wuler by water Islamabad ,, Atchabull 6 Vernagh 11 Islamabad 15 Sirinugger by water Gunberbull ,, Kungur 11 Gundisursing 12 Soonamurg 14 Foot of the Hills 9 Pandras 24 Dras 8 Tusgam 14 Chungun 12 Pushkoom 10 Waka 13 Khurboo 10 Lamieroo 12 Nurila 16 Suspul 14 Egnemo 10 Ladak 18 Chunga 18 Hemis 2 Ladak 20 Pitok 4 Egnemo 14 Suspul 10 Nurila 14 Lamieroo 16 Khurboo 12 Waka 10 Pushkoom 13 Thambis 14 Sankoo 16 Sooroo 12 Among the Mountains 11 Ditto 14 Sucknez 11 Bragnion 14 Peer 16 Nowbogh 9 Kukunath 10 Atchabull 8 Islamabad 6 Sirinugger by water Baramoula ,, Nowshera 8 Uree 15 Chukothee 15 Hutteian 14 Chukar 9 Mehra 6 Dunna 6 Puttun 6 Dewul 9 Muree 11 Rawul Pindee 37 Gugerkhan 30 Jhelum 37 Goojerat 31 Gugerwalla 30 Lahore 39 Umritsur 35 Jullundur 59 Loodiana 32 Umballa 71 Kurnaul 45 Ghureekulla 36 Delhi 36 Allyghur 79 Agra 50 Bewah 82 Ghoorsahagunge 79 Cawnpore 72 Allahabad 120

If a theft is reported, the inspector of the nearest police-station, or thanna as it is called, sends one of his myrmidons, or, if the chance of bribes be good, he may attend himself. On arrival, ambling on his broken-kneed, wall-eyed pony, he seats himself in the verandah of the chief man of the village, who forthwith, with much inward trepidation, makes his appearance.

At Chundla, the colonel was lodged in the house of an opulent zemindar, who had absconded for the reason just given; "and one of the thanna servants told me, that, by those means, Bundelcund was depopulated" a statement corroborated by the numerous ruined brick houses remaining in the towns among the miserable hovels of the present day.

I supplied him with travelling expenses, and he started. On his way to the Court he had to pass the thanna, or police-station. The police were on the watch. He was seized as he passed. He was confined all that night and all the following day.

The ground was so saturated in these terraces that ploughing was carried on by means of a large scraper, like a fender, which was dragged along by bullocks, the ploughman standing up in the machine as it floundered and wallowed about, and guiding it through the sea of mud. Reached Thanna at nine A.M. and came to a halt in a shady spot outside the village.

After enjoying a delightfully cool night in our elevated bedroom, we started for "Thanna." Our path led through a gradually ascending valley, cultivated, for the rice crop, in terraces, and irrigated by a complicated net-work of channels, cut off from the mountain streams, and branching off in every direction to the different elevations.