"M-my b-b-brother, yes." " is threatened with insolvency " "They c-c-call it in-ins-s-solvency?" Liquidation, you understand, is not the same as failure. When a man fails, he is dishonored; but when he merely liquidates, he remains an honest man." "T-t-that's very d-d-different, if it d-d-doesn't c-c-cost m-m-more," said Grandet.

Keep watching, and if some eddy in the current happens to throw us on a bar close to the shore, we'll hustle to reach land the best we know how, no matter where it is, or how far from home." "T-t-that's what I s-s-say," stammered Toby; "all I w-w-want is to feel the g-g-good old g-g-ground under my f-f-feet again. I never thought it could be so n-nice as it seems right now."

"Now point exactly to the spot where, as you say, you saw the staring eyes," Max went on. "T-t-that's easy done. S-s-see where that bunch of wintergreen p-p-pokes up l-like the tuft of an Injun's war bonnet r-r-right there it was, Max." "All right," remarked the other, quickly. "Now, the rest of you just hold your horses a bit and give me a chance to look around."

Monty forgot his desire to "plague her" in his surprised curiosity. Bending over the box he examined it critically, and finally announced: "T-t-that's the most b-b-beautifullest thing I ever saw. W-where'd you get it?" "Found it. But it isn't mine. It's Aunt Eunice's, and I think you are horrid mean.

So he strode into the new camp, walking all around, and quite free with his hearty compliments concerning the fine way Owen and Steve had done their part of the business. "But looky here," burst out the impatient Steve, after a while, "we're wasting time, you know. Some of us might as well be up the river gathering a few pecks of mussels." "T-t-that's so," declared Toby.

We might scrape in a hundred, five hundred or a thousand shellfish, and not be able to duplicate this lovely little gem once." "T-t-that's so," observed Toby. "They s-s-say pearl hunting's the b-b-biggest lottery in the whole w-w-world." Steve was sitting there with his elbows on the table, both hands holding his head, and his eyes glued on the pearl that lay between them.