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In most of Brazil, as around Para and around Sao Paulo, it has left its traces in place-names, but has been completely superseded as a language by Portuguese. In Paraguay it still exists side by side with Spanish as the common language of the lower people and as a familiar tongue among the upper classes.

But let the name of some puppet politician hailing from São Paulo be mentioned, and his eyes would flash with angry recognition; yet the Andromeda's small contingent achieved more than a whole army of conspirators.

Just how much of this is in the Li Sao, where the poem ends, I do not clearly gather from Professor Giles's account; but the whole story appears to me to be a magnificent Soul Symbol: of that Path which leads you indeed on dragon flights to the borders of the Infinite, but whose end, rightly considered, is in this world, and to be as it were drowned in the waters of this world, with your cleanness infecting them to be clean, and lighting them for all future ages with beauty, as with little dragon-boats luminous with an inner flame.

Here, then, on a sandbank washed once by every high tide, but now joined to the mainland by so unromantic a feature as the gasworks, a tower begun by Dom João II., and designed, it is said, by Garcia de Resende, was finished by Dom Manoel about 1520 and dedicated to São Vicente, the patron of Lisbon. The tower is not of very great size, perhaps some forty feet square by about one hundred high.

In 1842 revolts broke out in the provinces of São Paulo and Minas Geraes, but these, together with similar insurrections in Rio Grande in 1845, and in Pernambuco in 1849, were suppressed. In 1851 Brazil espoused the cause of Urquiza, the Governor of Entre Rios, against that of Rosas, and the aid of the Brazilian troops was largely instrumental in bringing about the fall of the tyrant.

The same king also gave to the small church of São Miguel a silver processional cross, all embossed with oak leaves, and ending in fleurs-de-lys, which rises from two superimposed octagons, covered with Gothic ornament.

Pinda was for a time the head-quarters of the Portuguese Mission, subject only to that of Sao Salvador; it consisted of an apartment two stories high, which caused trouble, being contrary to country custom. Par J. B. Douville, Secretaire de la Societe de Geographic de Paris pour l'annee 1832, etmembre de plusieurs Societes savantes francoises et etrangeres.

Not long after this front was built, Dom Manoel in 1494 began a new parish church at Thomar, that of São João Baptista. The plan of this church is that which has already become so familiar: a nave and aisles with wooden roof and vaulted chancel and chapels to the east, with here, the addition of a tower and spire to the north of the west front.

Others nearly the same are found in the house of the Conde de São Vicente at Lisbon, only there the volutes are replaced by winged figures, as is also the case in the arcades of the Misericordia at Tavira, the door of which has been mentioned above. Still more like the Marvilla capitals are those of the lower cloister of the cathedral of Vizeu.

Of the third class of tiles, those where the patterns are merely painted and not raised, there are few examples at Bacalhôa except when some restoration has been done for this manner of tile-painting did not become common till the next century, but there are a few with very good patterns in the house itself, and close by, the walls of the church of São Simão are covered with excellent examples.