"What did you see?" demanded Tom, and his manner, which had been calm, became somewhat excited. "Well, you know I've been helping the paying-teller straighten up his books," went on the young bank employee, "and when I came out tonight, after working for several hours, I was glad enough to hurry away from the 'slave-den, as I call it.

Bailey, a storekeeper, and Mr. Beane, the Groveton lawyer. Miss Sprague entered the bank and went up to the little window presided over by the paying-teller. "Is Squire Duncan in the bank?" she asked. "Yes, Miss Sprague." "I would like to speak with him." "That is impossible. He is presiding at a directors' meeting." "Still, I would like to see him," persisted Melinda.

McGregor. "He had previously acted as our agent in one of the interior towns, and when he became of age he was offered the place of paying-teller. Since then his obliging disposition, courteous manners, and faithful performance of duty, have endeared him to all his associates, and have given him the confidence of all persons with whom he came in contact.

You'll have to be identified if the paying-teller doesn't know you." "I don't want the money," said Peter, "I want to know who sent the check to me?" The cashier looked at it more carefully. "Oh!" he said. Then he looked up quickly at Peter? with considerable interest, "Are you Mr. Stirling?" "Yes."

Bowlsby had derived from his nephew's letter, and though there was really no vacancy in the bank at the moment, Mr. Bowlsby lent himself to the illusion that he required a private secretary. A few weeks later a vacancy occurred unexpectedly, that of paying-teller a position in which Lynde acquitted himself with so much quickness and accuracy, that when Mr.

The bank was close to the shopping centre, and the paying-teller of the Grindstone was never happier than on those occasions when Eudoxia Pence would roll in voluminous and majestic and ask him to break a hundred-dollar bill. This had last happened during the press of the Christmas shopping.

McGregor said that no expense should be spared to detect the criminals, even though the money was not recovered; that would be an important consideration, of course, but the first object sought was the capture of the murderers of poor George Gordon, the late paying-teller.

The circumstances of the case were, in brief, that the paying-teller had been brutally murdered in the bank about three or four months before, and over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars had been stolen. Mr.

Private marks on checks are no safeguards at all, although a great many merchants believe they can prevent forgery by making certain dots, or seeming slips of the pen, which are known only to the paying-teller and themselves. This precaution becomes useless when the forger uses the camera. Safe-breakers are often called upon by forgers and asked to secure a sheet of checks out of a check-book.

"I've called about this check," he said, when that official materialized, handing the slip of paper to him. "Yes," said the cashier kindly, though with a touch of the resigned sorrow in his voice which cashiers of "family's" and women's banks acquire. "You must sign your name on the back, on the left-hand end, and present it to the paying-teller, over at that window.