He soon met him carrying one oar, followed by a man with a broken one, so they were able to make shift in the boats to the camp, being overtaken on the way by Parea in his canoe bringing Vancouver's cap, which had been lost in the scuffle.

She said to Pekka, now and then, that perhaps we shouldn't want all those parea any more, but Pekka couldn't have laid it very much to heart, for he didn't so much as ask the reason why. It was not till supper time that we heard the horses' bells in the courtyard.

He then started to find them, and as soon as his back was turned the throwing began again. Edgar wished to go to the camp to find Cook, but some of the natives advised him to follow them and they would take him to Parea.

We didn't even relish our food that day, although we had milk soup for dinner. But scullery-Pekka gobbled and guzzled as much as all of us put together, and spent the day in splitting parea till he had filled the outhouse full. Mother, too, didn't spin much flax that day either, for she kept on going to the window and peeping out, over the ice, after father.

"You'll understand it right enough when I've bought one." "How much does it cost?" "Seven and a half marks, and the oil separate at one mark the can." "Seven and a half marks and the oil as well! Why, for that you might buy parea for many a long day that is, of course, if you were inclined to waste money on such things at all, but when Pekka splits them not a penny is lost."

Edgar, seeing Cook and King running along the shore, thought it right to detain the second canoe, which unfortunately belonged to Parea, who at the time of the theft was in Clerke's cabin and, promising to obtain the tongs, had immediately left for the shore.

The magistrate, who had sad eyes, thought it excellent because it didn't smoke, and you could burn it right in the middle of the hall without blackening the walls in the least, to which father replied that it was, in fact, meant for the hall, but did capitally for the dwelling room as well, and one had no need now to dash hither and thither with parea, for all could now see by a single light, let them be never so many.

"Tanto lieta Ch' arder parea d'amor nel primo foco." Many came and saw her, and the suspicion ceased." He was brother of Robert, who succeeded the father, and who was the friend of Petrarch. "The adventures of Cunizza, overcome by the influence of her star," says Cary, "are related by the chronicler Rolandino of Padua, lib. i. cap. 3, in Muratori, Rer. Ital. Script. tom. viii. p. 173.

I will not endeavour to delineate my feelings as I contemplated the ruins of the house where dwelt the lady whom the amorous Petrarch immortalised in his verse verse made to move a heart of stone: "Morte bella parea nel suo bel viso" I threw myself with arms outstretched upon the ground as if I would embrace the very stones.

Dante, who saw it in the courtyard of S. Peter's, used it as a standard for his giant Nimrod. He says La faccia sua ml parea lunga e grossa, Come la pina di San Pietro a Roma. This mother-church of Western Christendom was adorned inside and out with mosaics in the style of those which may still be seen at Ravenna.