Knowing, as he did, that the assault had been the consequence of his foolish boasts about the money-letters, and that he, being in charge, ought to defend them to the last gasp, he was sure he deserved the very contrary from a reward, and never thought of the money belonging to any one but Paul, who had by his own free will come to the rescue, and saved the bag from robbery, himself from injury and disgrace.

"I'd overhaul some of his letters. Steam will loosen a wafer, and a hot knife-blade, wax. I'd overhaul his money-letters and pay myself. Ha! ha! do you take? Now, that letter you've got in your fin, my boy, looks woundy like a dokiment chock full of shinplasters. What do you say to making prize of 'em? wouldn't it be a jolly go?"

The summer night was so still, they could be heard a great way those rude coarse voices of village boys boasting and jeering one another. 'I say, wouldn't you like to be one of they chaps at Ragglesford School? 'What lots they bought there on Saturday, to be sure! 'Well they may: they've lots of tin! 'Have they? How d'ye know? 'Why, the money-letters!

Galloway, who liked his own way, had become somewhat testy upon the point, and, not a week before the present time, had answered in a sort of contradictory spirit that his money-letters had always gone safely hitherto, and he made no doubt they always would go safely. The present loss, therefore, coming as it were, to check his obstinacy, vexed him more than it would otherwise have done.

"And pray," said Alick, who had ridden on to call at the Homestead, "how do you reconcile yourself to the temptation to the postmen?" "They don't see what my letters are about?" "They must be dull postmen if they don't remark on the shower of envelopes that pass through their hands ominous money-letters, all with the same address, and no detection remember.