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A teacher, accompanied by his disciples, was passing by the wayside where a leper sat. The teacher said: "Here is our brother, whom we may not touch, but he need not be shut out from truth. We may sit down where he can listen." He sat on the wayside near the leper, and his disciples stood around him.

I ask nothing unreasonable, Philippus. Do as I entreat you and leave us for a moment alone." Again the physician's eyes consulted the young girl's; this time she said: "Go!" and he immediately quitted the room. Orion closed the door. "What have I done, Paula," he began with panting breath, "that since yesterday you have shunned me like a leper that you are doing your utmost to bring me to ruin?"

I heard her two years ago at the Boston Symphony. So that is she. I recognize her now." I was oppressed by a heavy sadness. Life was a futile thing at best. A short two years and this magnificent creature, at the summit of her magnificent success, was one of the leper squad awaiting deportation to Molokai. Henley's lines came into my mind:

As we passed through the fence at the "dead line," going away from the colony, we were compelled to wade through a shallow box of water containing a small percentage of carbolic acid which disinfected the soles of our shoes, the only things about us that had come in actual contact with the leper colony.

His son and successor, Baldwin IV, was a leper, and his disease made such rapid strides as to make it necessary to delegate his authority to another.

Carnegie libraries, Rockefeller universities, and many similar benefactions are all very well; but one cannot help thinking how far a few thousands of dollars would go, say in the leper Settlement of Molokai.

I ain't afraid of leprosy y'understand, because I've dealt with 'em for years, ate with 'em an' slept with 'em, an' all that, like everybody down here. But all the same I don't want to have 'em right around me all the time. So one day the doctor come to look over the natives, and he come an' told me the little kid, My Dog, was a leper. "Now I wasn't attached to the kid. I ain't attached to nobody.

In this he held that, as all islands have been at their discovery found peopled by blacks, we must needs believe that humanity was first created of that color. Mrs. Johnson believed the white race descended from Gehazi the leper, upon whom the leprosy of Naaman fell when the latter returned by Divine favor to his original blackness.

And it was so, that when Jesus had concluded all these sayings, the multitudes were exceedingly struck with his teaching: for he taught them as having authority, and not as the scribes. NOW when he descended from the mount, great multitudes followed him. And lo! a leper came and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

The next reference is Matthew xxvi." And again Eurie read: "'Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper." "The very place!" Flossy said, again. "Oh, I want so much to know what happened then!" "Won't Miss Mitchell read it to us?" Mr. Roberts said, and he arranged his shawl along the ground for seats. "Since we have really come to Bethany, let us have the full benefit of it.