No damage was done even when two shells came into one of their billets, where a number of men were sleeping after a hard day and a long march. "I woke up pretty quick," said one of them, "and thought the house had fallen in. I was out of it before the second came. Then I laughed. 'Perhaps you'll be down for breakfast now, she said. But a shell is better as a knocker-up. I didn't stop to dress."

In doing so his hand struck somebody in the face. "Strike a cripple, will ye?" said the publican, and he raised his stick and struck a heavy blow on John's shoulder. At the next moment the dog had leaped upon the man, and he was shrieking on the ground. The "knocker-up" lifted his crutch and with the upper end of it he battered at the dog's brains. "Stop, man! stop, stop! Don! Don!"

Such men always do, and must collapse, but that the public should ever have taken seriously a movement which " and then a grotesque list of John's followers one pawnbroker, one waiter, one "knocker-up," two or three apprentices, etc. As she read all this, Glory was at the same time glowing with shame, trembling with fear, and burning with indignation.

That morning, when John Storm went to take seven-o'clock celebration, the knocker-up with his long stick had not yet finished his rounds in the courts and alleys about the church, but the costers with their barrows and donkeys, their wives and their children, were making an early start for Epsom. There were many communicants, and it was eight o'clock before he returned to his rooms.

He knew them in a moment: the publican with his bandaged head, Sharkey, who had served his time and been released from prison, and Pincher and Hawkins, who were out on bail. They had all been drinking. The publican, who carried a stick, was drunk, and the "knocker-up" was staggering on a crutch. Then came a hideous scene.

The cave is really a homogeneous affair, for it is constructed in the R.E. workshops and then brought bodily to the trenches and fitted into its appointed excavation. Each cave holds three men. They lie side by side, like three dogs in a triple kennel, with their heads outward and easily accessible to the individual who performs the functions of "knocker-up."

The simple fellow was full of marvellous stories. There had been wondrous manifestations of the workings of the Holy Spirit during the day. The knocker-up, who was a lame man, had shaken hands with the Father on his way home that morning, and now he had thrown away his stick and was walking firmly and praising God.

It was raw and gusty, and thick clouds were sailing wildly overhead, as I went to the first train for Preston. It was that time of morning when there is a lull in the streets of Manchester, between six and eight. The "knocker-up" had shouldered his long wand, and paddled home to bed again; and the little stalls, at which the early workman stops for his half-penny cup of coffee, were packing up.