I have perceived in him, too, a pronounced rectitude of judgment and a remarkable sharpness of observation when his superstitious terrors do not throw a veil over his mind. But he is incorrigibly lazy and will not engage in any kind of work that requires fatigue unless it be by his own spontaneous will.

Nataly smiled at her incorrigibly lagging intelligence of him, on hearing that he had invited a company: 'Lady Grace, for gaiety; Peridon and Catkin, fiddles; Dudley Sowerby and myself, flutes; Barmby, intonation; in all, nine of us; and by the dear old Normandy route, for the sake of the voyage, as in old times; towers of Dieppe in the morning-light; and the lovely road to the capital!

The young master was coming home, and was bringing somebody with him. "Nice young gentlemen, two at once," holding up two fingers. And then she would laugh so merrily, so incorrigibly, so shamelessly, with dancing eyes and big white teeth, that the listeners had to laugh too. Jendrek was the only one who did not laugh. He was not at all glad to hear that two more were coming.

They are mostly either incorrigibly bellicose themselves, like Montenegro, or standing temptations to the big Powers, like Bosnia and Herzegovina. They multiply frontiers, which are nuisances, and languages, which have made confusion since the building of Babel.

Not only was he late for breakfast, but late for school, too. Never before had he brought off the double event. There was a little unpleasantness in his form room when he stole in at seven minutes past the hour. Mr. Dexter, his form-master, never a jolly sort of man to have dealings with, was rather bitter on the subject. "You are incorrigibly lazy and unpunctual," said Mr.

Power saw that he had been crying bitterly, but had too much good taste to take any notice of the fact. "Well, Power, you see what credit I get, and yet you know how I try. I'm a `bad, idle boy, it seems, and `incorrigibly slothful, and `hardly fit for the school, and `I must be put down to a lower form if I don't make more effort' oh! I forgot though, you heard it all yourself.

The man was Mackenzie, the incorrigibly Scotch detective whom we had met at Milchester Abbey, who I always thought had kept an eye on Raffles ever since. He was across the platform before the train pulled up, and I did what Raffles would have done in my place. I ran after him. "Ye ken Dan Levy's hoose by the river?" I heard him babble to his cabman, with wilful breadth of speech.

The trials incident to the moral and spiritual condition of the orphans were even greater, however, than those caused by ill health and weakness. When children proved incorrigibly bad, they were expelled, lest they should corrupt others, for the institution was not a reformatory, as it was not a hospital.

Dubourg, as a person willfully and incorrigibly wrong. "A coiner of false money, recommended as an honorable man by one of the first merchants in London!" she exclaimed. "We do some very eccentric things in England, occasionally but there is a limit to our national madness, Madame Pratolungo, and you have reached it. Shall we have some music?" She spoke a little sharply. Mr.

But, although her preceptress practised these arts with a dexterity then only known in foreign convents, the pupil proved so incorrigibly idle and awkward, that the task of needlework was at length given up, and lessons of music substituted in their stead.