And in Ingvar's house the thralls wrought to prepare a great feast in honour of Jarl Halfden's homecoming. Soon I stood with the jarls and Osritha at the landing place, and behind us were the courtmen in their best array. And as we came to the place where we would wait, Halfden's ship came past the bar into the haven's mouth.

At last Michigan, in the fullest sense of the term, became the University of the State of Michigan. This was the culmination of President Haven's administration. A few weeks later he resigned to accept the Presidency of Northwestern University, a school maintained by his own denomination, where he doubtless felt there were wider opportunities in his chosen field.

Now began frightened men to run to and fro on the haven's banks, and then suddenly came the ringing of a bell from the low tower of the church, and the Danes began to look to their arms, stringing bows, and bringing up the pebble ballast for sling stones, in case the landing should be resisted. But when we came to a little wharf, the other ship being perhaps a mile astern of us, there was no man.

It is doing a successful church work among the poor church work with this exception, that its head worker its educated, sympathetic priestess lives there and shares her little artistic centre with the crowd who live in places not good enough for domestic animals. In 1898 New Haven's public baths consisted of a tub in the basement of a public school.

After six days of true Arctic weather severer than any registered by De Haven's expedition, during a winter in the polar ice the temperature rose suddenly to 26° below zero. The difference in our sensations was remarkable. We could boldly bare our faces and look about us; our feet kept warm and glowing, and we felt no more the hazardous chill and torpor of the preceding days.

A sloop of war arrives to examine the settlement the Captain's report. Jans Haven's voyage to the north interesting occurrences. Lauritz leaves Nain his concluding address. The Brethren propose new settlements disastrous voyage in search of a situation. Liebisch appointed Superintendant. An Angekok baptized his address to the natives.

The harbour lay open to any enemy, for the only guns in the place were up at the town, about fifteen miles from the haven's mouth. If Drake made a sudden dash, he said, he would be able to cut out a frigate in the harbour. She was fitting for the sea there, and was very nearly ready to sail.

We ministered to the few Americans whom we could find in Lucerne, and held a prayer meeting on the Sabbath evening in Haven's room for our far-away country in her dark hour of distress. On that evening began a friendship which waxed warmer and warmer until death sundered the tie for a little while; the same hand that sundered can reunite us.

Other losses, too, were met with, and at last the people became greatly discouraged as they saw their hopes of founding a successful commercial colony slowly, but surely, disappearing. The voyage of the "Great Shippe" which took place about this time is the most tragic adventure in the story of New Haven's early shipping days. It began in this way.

The lesson of New Haven's resistance had been taken to heart, and there was the discouraging knowledge that a row of German six-inch siege-guns were trained on the city from the heights of Elizabeth Park, their black muzzles commanding the grey towers and golden dome of State House, the J. Pierpont Morgan Memorial, the gleaming white new City Hall, the belching chimneys of the Underwood typewriter works, and the brown pile of Trinity College.