"Oh, I am going to the Whine," says Hicks; "evewybody goes to the Whine." The WHINE indeed! I dare say he can no more spell properly than he can speak. "Who is on board anybody?" I ask, with the air of a man of fashion. "To whom does that immense pile of luggage belong under charge of the lady's-maid, the courier, and the British footman? A large white K is painted on all the boxes."

He's the second cousin of a lord, and yet you'll hardly credit it we're weally vewy intimate. He tells me, Miss Florence, that I'm the perfect image of his cousin, Lord Fitz Noodle." "I am not at all surprised." "Weally, you are vewy kind, Miss Florence. I thought it a great compliment. I don't know how it is, but evewybody takes me for an Englishman. Strange, isn't it?" "I am very glad."

"Ah, may the devil take you and evewybody," were the last words Rostov heard. Rostov went to Telyanin's quarters. "The master is not in, he's gone to headquarters," said Telyanin's orderly. "Has something happened?" he added, surprised at the cadet's troubled face. "No, nothing." "You've only just missed him," said the orderly.

"Dear Mellicent, I am sowwy, but I cannot take more than one fwiend," she murmured caressingly. "Evewybody is asking for invitations, and it would not do to encroach too far on Lady B's hospitality. Another time, when Peggy is not going, I should be delighted to take you with me " "But, Rosalind, I can't go on Friday.

"I have often," drawled Western; "there are the gweatest number of them in New Orleans." "Ah, but New Orleans is a different place; such a thing never occurred in Philadelphia." "Well, let us cweate a pwecedent, then. The boy wites wemarkably well, and will, no doubt, suit us exactly. It will be a chawity to take him. We need not care what others say evewybody knows who we are and what we are?"

"How is 'oo?" said Georgie, with a sudden flush of the spring-time through him. "Me vewy well, sank 'oo and me so want to read Peppino's bookie-bookie." "'Oo come in," said Lucia. "Evewybody come in. Now, who's got ickle bit news?" Mrs Quantock had been walking on her toes all across the hall, in anticipation of the happy time when she would be from two to six inches taller.

Lady Norton evewybody please excuse me for running away, but Miss Saville is my vewy deawest fwiend, and I have not seen her for four whole years, so I really must take possession of her at once."