The accompanying diagrammatic sketch of a simple form of the system, as installed on a car, will probably serve to make this more clear. An insulated wire runs from the metallic layers on the roof of the car to switch S, which is shown open in the sketch.

Our mind can, it is true, by a work of purification, strip movement of most of its concrete qualities, separate it even from the perception of the object in motion, and make of it a something or other ideal and diagrammatic; but there will still remain a residuum of visual, tactile, and muscular sensations, and consequently it is still nothing else than a subjective state, bound to the structure of our organs.

The system will, perhaps, be better understood by reference to the following diagrammatic sketch of its general principles: Some idea of the rapidity of automatic telegraphy may be obtained when we consider the fact that with the use of Edison's system in the early seventies it was common practice to transmit and receive from three to four thousand words a minute over a single line between New York and Philadelphia.

This identity of language conceals a fundamental distinction between the phenomena described; and to make this distinction plain we cannot do better than revert to our diagrammatic presentation of the laws. How is this fact to be represented in the diagram?

The ethnological position may be briefly summed up; and in order to avoid any but the most indispensable detail the schedule of types and variants and the scheme of reversion and survival in which they are concerned are here presented with a diagrammatic meagerness and simplicity which would not be admissible for any other purpose.

They were not, he pointed out, the rude frescoings of the British mariner, who outlines a diagrammatic female with a sail needle, tints her with gunpowder, and labels her with the name of his current lady-love to prevent mistakes. Such crude efforts have their good points; for instance, they promote constancy.

Music, indeed, can hardly be tortured into being useful at all, unless to drown the cries of the wounded in battle, or to enable people to talk more freely at evening parties. The uses, again, of painting in its highest forms are very doubtful I mean in any material sense; in its lower forms, when it becomes more diagrammatic, it is materially useful.

Do you verily believe that land values, which Mr. George proposes to tax, are mainly in possession of the poor? Did you not see of course you did a diagrammatic exhibit made not long ago by the New York Herald of the holdings of twenty New York real estate owners?

Secondly, the simpler statements of the action of the factor of relative plenty and scarcity, such as are represented by the marginal diagrammatic expositions familiar in economics, obscure the fact that distribution is a process in which human wills are actively engaged. The constant assertion of will is a real force in the working out of distribution.

Each slip was roughly three inches wide and ten long and into the text had been inserted lean diagrammatic paintings either portraying Mahavira, the founder of the cult, or illustrating episodes in his earthly career. About 1400, palm-leaf was superseded by paper and from then onwards manuscripts were given slightly larger pages.