'Only that you accidentally made use of nearly the same words as Flaubert. "Ceremonial display" is not so good as deploiement de ceremonie, but 'Mildred. 'Well. She wore a little subdued look, and he did not detect the malice that it superficially veiled. She did not wish him to see that she was playing with him, but she wished to fret him with some slight suspicion that she was.

So much was Her Majesty interested in favour of the daughter of the Duchess, that, before that young lady was fifteen years of age, she herself contrived and accomplished her marriage with the Duc de Guiche, then 'maitre de ceremonie' to Her Majesty, and whose interests were essentially, promoted by this alliance.

So eager were they to contrive themes of complaint against her, that when she visited them in the simple attire in which she so much delighted, 'sans ceremonie', unaccompanied by a troop of horse and a squadron of footguards, they complained to their father, who hinted to Marie Antoinette that such a relaxation of the royal dignity would be attended with considerable injury to French manufactures, to trade, and to the respect due to her rank.

There was in truth no little hazard in riding about in public with a man against whose acquaintance I had a short time before been cautioned, and I felt my position rather an uncomfortable one. Had some of the young blood of Charleston been up, there is little doubt but that I must have left the place sans ceremonie.

She was here evidently very much at her ease, the dear old lady. That little detail delighted me. The rest was rather banal. Sans ceremonie, I seated myself on the Imperial bed it seemed to be the most peaceful act of vandalism I could commit in repayment for certain discomforts occasioned by this old lady's whims during eight weeks of rifle-fire.

His servants did not, like the marshal's, wear gray and scarlet liveries, but his household arrangements were more dignified and liberal than those of M. Thiers. He had a curious way of receiving his friends sans cérémonie.

Dieu vueille abolir vne si damnable et malheureuse ceremonie." Sagard, Voyage des Hurons, 158. This unique mode of cure, which was called Andacwandet, is also described by Lalemant, who saw it. For the medical practices of the Hurons, see also Champlain, Brebeuf, Lafitau, Charlevoix, and other early writers. Those of the Algonquins were in some points different.

I could not accustom myself to be always vis-a-vis with a king and en ceremonie. But I sup with him the suppers are shorter, gayer, and healthier. Madame Denis, however, seemed to doubt the happy life of Berlin and Potsdam.

Mr Paton announces himself, in the title-page, as the author of a work entitled "The Modern Syrians," with which it has not been our good fortune to meet; but from the conclusion of which we presume the thread of the present narrative is to be taken up, as he presents himself, sans ceremonie, on the pier of Beyrout, preparing to embark on board an Austrian steamer for Constantinople: "I have been four years in the East, and feel that I have had quite enough of it for the present."

Cellars, garrets, maids' room, ladies' rooms, we entered, sans ceremonie; paid little regard to the Medicean costume of the fair occupants; broke some of the most indispensable articles of bedroom furniture; rattled the pots and pans about in the kitchen; and, finding the two sons of the master of the house, ordered them to dress and come with us, certain, we said, that they were sailors.