Her description of the MIAS PAPPAN was such as to half convince von Horn that she might have seen Number Three carrying Virginia Maxon, although he could not reconcile the idea with the story that the two Dyaks had told him of losing all of Bulan's monsters in the jungle.

The old man stepped forward and took Bulan's hand. The expression of doubt and worry had left his face. "I cannot believe," he said, "that you are other than a gentleman, and if, in my desire to protect Virginia, I have said aught to wound you I ask your forgiveness." Bulan responded only with a tighter pressure of the hand. "And now," said the professor, "let us return to the long-house.

Abo = BALU VANG. Oyu Biti. Padan. Tama Bulan's Door. LEVAN. Linjau. Agriculture For all the peoples of the interior of Borneo, the Punans and Malanaus excepted, the rice grown by themselves is the principal food-stuff. Throughout the year, except during the few weeks when the jungle fruit is most abundant, rice forms the bulk of every meal.

And it would seem that the fowls are kept in the main for ceremonial Purposes, and that their table use is of very secondary importance. Fowls are killed on many of the occasions on which pigs are sacrificed, and, as we have seen in the description of the ceremony at Tama Bulan's house, their blood may be poured upon the altarposts of Bali Penyalong.

It was fully an hour thereafter that doubts began to enter Bulan's head, and as the day dragged on he came to realize that he and his weird pack were alone and lost in the heart of a strange and tangled web of tropical jungle.

Both Number Twelve and Number Three had assured him that the beasts had not recaptured her, for they had seen the entire band flee madly through the jungle after hearing the report of the single shot which had so terrorized Bulan's antagonists.

I should die of misery and fright and loneliness in this awful jungle. Surely you can find your way to the river it was but a short march through the jungle from where we landed to the spot at which you took me away from that fearful Malay." The girl's words cast a cloud over Bulan's hopes.

Shaking himself like a great lion he freed his arms for a moment from the clinging embrace of his foemen, and seizing the neck of the nearest in his mighty clutch wrenched the head completely around. There was one awful shriek from the tortured brute the vertebrae parted with a snap, and Bulan's antagonists were reduced to two.

The man who carried her was now forced to turn and fight off the enemy that pressed forward past Number Twelve. The mighty bull whip whirled and cracked across the heads and faces of the Dyaks. It was a formidable weapon when backed by the Herculean muscles that rolled and shifted beneath Bulan's sun-tanned skin, and many were the brown warriors that went down beneath its cruel lash.

In the course of the day Tama Bulan accompanied us on visits to several neighbouring Kenyah villages situated a little farther up the river. In the evening we had another convivial meeting with great flow of oratory and rice-spirit. On October 23rd we left Tama Bulan's house with a party of about one hundred all told, in several boats.