Auctions, meetings, concerts, sermons, improving lectures, miscellaneous entertainments, programmes, catalogues, deaths, births, marriages, specifications, municipal notices, summonses, demands, receipts, subscription-lists, accounts, rate-forms, lists of voters, jury-lists, inaugurations, closures, bill-heads, handbills, addresses, visiting-cards, society rules, bargain-sales, lost and found notices: traces of all these matters, and more, were to be found in that office; it was impregnated with the human interest; it was dusty with the human interest; its hot smell seemed to you to come off life itself, if the real sentiment and love of life were sufficiently in you.

Fowler isn't all done, and Smith's Meat Market is going to order some bill-heads." But Bobby was obstinate. Finally Johnny, in disgust, left him to his own devices. The world for Bobby contained but one thing. His recollections of that time are of a flaring gas jet and the smell of printer's ink. He won finally and duly delivered the eighteen copies letter-perfect.

Art Lustre Ware." And the envelopes and paper and bill-heads on the desk all bore the same legend: "Horrocleave. Art Lustre Ware." He owed seventy-three pounds to the petty-cash box, and he was startled and shocked.

Forty or fifty years ago his firm was known all over the country, for they printed the bill-heads for nearly every grocer in the kingdom, the imprint, "Smith and Greaves, sc.," being prominent on every one. John was born in Prospect Row, in the year 1819. He was intended by his father for the medical profession, and spent some years in preliminary studies.

"Because we've so near got to the end of our stock of cards and bill-heads," she said, "and you wouldn't let me order any more last week." "You're a sharp girl" he laughed. "Well, yes! I have been thinking of it some time. And what's happened now has just tipped the bucket see?" "Yes, I see that."

"I bet we can print the whole thousand in one morning!" he cried gleefully, "And then there's the letter-heads, and bill-heads and May's cards and perhaps your father and Carter's will give us jobs and " They clattered down the stairs to the tune of Johnny's business expansions. The thousand envelopes were printed and delivered. Mr.

He was one of those dearest of God's creatures, a gentle giant; and his voice, when it wasn't necessary to be angry, was as low and kind as an old nurse at the cradle's side. Henry had come to know him through his little Scotch printer, who printed circulars and bill-heads, for the business over which Mr. Fairfax for that was his name presided.

Human beings, for him, were either the objects of scandalous gossip or else recipients of narrow strips of paper, with proper bill-heads stating the name of his hotel "W. Schomberg, proprietor, accounts settled weekly." So in the clean-shaven, extremely thin face hanging over the mail-boat's rail Schomberg saw only the face of a possible "account."

His distrust never went beyond the lines of his business, his craftiness left him on the steps of the Bourse, or when he closed the pages of his ledger. Suspicion was to him very much what his printed bill-heads were, a necessity of the sale itself.

And he went off to look after the boy again, who was slowly but painfully running off the bill-heads that Dick had fixed on the press. "What's the matter with him, George?" asked that individual, leaning wearily against the machine; "Did he faint agin, or was he havin' a fit?"