They none of them answered me. Down below us the sea shimmered in the morning light. We sat on a ledge a thousand feet above it, and, save for the lapping waves on the reef, not a sound of life, not even a bird on the wing, came nigh us. You could have heard a pin drop when I went on. "Sleep-time and sun-time, is it fable or truth? Ruth Bellenden says its truth. I'll read you her words "

This Miles Bellenden hath means to subsist his garrison for a month." "This is not the case," answered Morton; "we know his stores are hardly equal to a week's consumption."

While Claverhouse endeavoured to soothe the terrors of Lady Margaret, and to reconcile the veteran Major to his opinion of Morton, Evandale, getting the better of that conscious shyness which renders an ingenuous youth diffident in approaching the object of his affections, drew near to Miss Bellenden, and accosted her in a tone of mingled respect and interest.

They were in the act of putting their design into execution, of seizing the place into their own hands, and were about to disarm and overpower Major Bellenden and Harrison, and others of the Castle, who were offering the best resistance in their power. The appearance of Lord Evandale changed the scene.

When Edith Bellenden was recalled to her mother's castle, it was astonishing by what singular and recurring accidents she often met young Morton in her sequestered walks, especially considering the distance of their places of abode.

"I shall be happy to hear of your success, Colonel," said Major Bellenden; "but take an old soldier's advice, and spare blood when battle's over, and once more let me request to enter bail for young Morton." "We will settle that when I return," said Claverhouse. "Meanwhile, be assured his life shall be safe."

He communicated his good fortune to his friend Alaric in the following letter: 'Bellenden Arms, Tillietudlem, July, 185-. 'My DEAR DIRECTOR, 'Here I am once more a constituent part of the legislative wisdom of the United Kingdom, thanks to the patriotic discretion of the pot-wallopers, burgage-tenants, and ten-pound freeholders of these loyal towns.

Jasper Begg, the one man who befriended me, left to die as so many have been left on this unpitying shore! It cannot be it cannot be! All that I had hoped and planned must be forgotten now. And yet there were those who remembered Ruth Bellenden and came here for love of her, as she will remember them, for love's sake. May 13th.

"There are many proofs," replied Burley; and he put into his hands a number of requisitions sent forth by Major Bellenden, with receipts on the back to various proprietors, for cattle, corn, meal, to such an amount, that the sum total seemed to exclude the possibility of the garrison being soon distressed for provisions.

Among them are the Latin works of Bellenden "On the State," the "New Atlantis," a romance by Lord Bacon, the "Oceana" of Harrington, and the "Leviathan" of Hobbes. In the collection of materials for national history the period was exceedingly active. Camden and Selden stand at the head of the band of antiquaries.