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I may finish this section by stating that, as respects the new Hudson's Bay shareholders, their 20l. shares have been reduced by returns of capital to 13l., and having, nevertheless, in the "boom" of lands in the West, been sold at 37l. as the price of the 13l.; they are now about 24l.

A fire, which destroyed a house worth 15l., and thirty bushels of new wheat; the alternate scarcity and comparative abundance of provisions; the arrival or departure of ships from the harbour; the commission of the first murder in the colony, and other sad accounts of human depravity and its punishment; the gradual improvement and extension of the colony; the first sale by auction of a farm of twenty-five acres for the sum of 13l.: these and similar subjects occupy the history of New South Wales, not merely during the three years that elapsed between Governor Phillip's departure and the arrival of his successor, but also during the long period of gradual but increasing improvement which followed the last event.

Immediately after I received from brother T 13l. 19s. 10d., the greater part of which, as he told me, had come in within the last few days. Thus our adorable Lord has once more delivered; for I have now even more than enough to meet the current expenses of this week. Aug. 16.

The first endeavour to collect a subscription resulted in 13l. 2s. 6d. This was at Kettering, and at the same time Carey offered to embark for any country the Society might appoint. The committee, however, waited to collect more means, but they found it almost impossible to awaken people's minds.

I do not know that Boston is peculiarly blessed, but I quote the instance, as I have a record of its schools before me. At the three high schools in Boston, at which the average of pupils is 526, about 13l. per head is paid for free education. The average price per annum of a child's schooling throughout these schools in Boston is about 3l. for each.

About 13l. has been spent even this week for housekeeping in the three Orphan-Houses. Nov. 18. Monday. The Lord has kindly sent in since Saturday evening 3l. 18s. 3 1/4d., and thus our need for today is supplied.

As the expenses for the Orphans have been above 47l. within the last six days, and as but little above 13l. has come in, and as the money for printing the Report had to be kept back, in order that we might not be in debt, we were again today very low in funds, though it is but six days since the public meetings.

This morning I was informed that 5l. had been sent to the Infant-Orphan-House. Thus the Lord has given for our need 13l. 2s. 6d. Let us pause here a few moments, beloved reader! Let us adore the Lord’s kindness! See how seasonably the Lord sends the help. As our need is, so He remembers us. It is not now and then that He is mindful of us, but continually.

The 5l. which I had received on the 18th, had been given for house-keeping, so that today I was again penniless. But my eyes were up to the Lord. I gave myself to prayer this morning, knowing that I should want again this week at least 13l., if not above 20l. Today I received 12l. in answer to prayer, from a lady who is staying at Clifton, whom I had never seen before.

Thus one farmer holds 803 acres, or "the grass of twenty-four cows," with mountain run attached, at a rent of 35l., while another who has 1,493 acres is only charged 26l. for "the grass of seventeen cows," with proportionate mountain. Even on holdings of this size, as well as on others of less value, such as 250 acres at a rent of 13l. 15s., Mr.