Versmann found 14.1 grms. of dried liver to contain 0.009 grm. chloride of silver, or 0.047 per cent. of metallic silver. In the kidneys he found 0.007 grm. chloride of silver, or 0.061 per cent. of metallic silver; this was in a case of chronic poisoning, the percentage will be seen to be very small. Orfila Jun. found silver in the liver five months after the poisoning.

The Board of Actuaries on the retirement act shows by its report, that July 1, 1921 the average salary of the 330,047 employees subject to the act was $1,307, while on June 30, 1927, the average salary of the corresponding 405,263 was $1,969. This was an increase in six years of nearly 53 per cent.

The receipts of the Post-Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30 last amounted to $121,848,047.26, an increase of $10,216,853.87 over the preceding year, the largest increase known in the history of the postal service. The magnitude of this increase will best appear from the fact that the entire postal receipts for the year 1860 amounted to but $8,518,067.

Assuming the mean wave-length of the light of this star to be 5750/10000000 of a millimetre, its angular diameter comes out 0.047 of a second of arc, thus falling between the values 0.051 and 0.031 of a second predicted by Eddington and Russell from slightly different assumptions. Subsequent corrections and repeated measurement will change Mr.

Van Buren, the candidate of the Free-Soilers, received a vote of 15,774, concentrated in the northeastern counties, but reaching formidable proportions in the counties of the northwest and west. Of the older organizations, the Whig party seemed less affected, Taylor having received 53,047 votes, an increase of 7,519 over the Whig vote of 1844.

1871 1881 1891 1901 TO TO TO TO TOTAL 1880 1890 1900 1910 Austria-Hungary 72,969 353,717 597,047 2,145,266 3,176,801 Belgium 7,221 20,177 20,062 41,635 105,690 Denmark 31,771 88,132 52,670 65,285 260,472 France 72,206 50,464 36,006 73,379 475,731 Germany 718,182 1,452,970 543,922 341,498 5,389,548 Greece 15,996 167,519 183,515 Italy 55,759 307,309 655,694 2,045,877 3,090,129 Netherlands 16,541 53,701 31,816 48,262 180,952

Then came the deadly balance, of the account between them: Her labor... $2,047.00 Her board... $936.00 Her "cash advanced"... $1,164.00 $4,147.00 His expense for her... $3,600 Due her from him... $547.00 Diantha revolved her pencil between firm palms, and looked at him rather quizzically; while her mother rocked and darned and wiped away an occasional tear.

These figures give a yearly average of nearly 43,000. Of these, 214,047 embarked from Irish ports, 152,738 from Liverpool; and ten per cent. was added for imperfect returns. The largest number of those who went from Ireland direct to the colonies or foreign countries, from any one port, embarked at Belfast, viz., twenty per cent. of the whole. From Cork nearly the same.

Berosus and his dates are held in great respect places the appearance of this new royal family in 2,047, giving it forty-nine sovereigns and 458 years of duration. We are thus brought down to the conquest of Mesopotamia by the Egyptian Pharaohs of the eighteenth dynasty.

He then referred to the work already in progress on Mount Wilson, but anticipated "that atmospheric disturbance will ultimately set the limit to what can be accomplished." Measures with the interferometer show its angular diameter to be 0.047 of a second of arc, corresponding to a linear diameter of 215,000,000 miles, if the best available determination of its distance can be relied upon.