"If you-all wants to decide dis mattah beyont all doubt, Ah respekf'ly suggests dat we hold a see-ance in dis hyar room, under any c'nditions dat you-all kin d'vise. If Ah cain't show yo mo' supernat'ral man'festations dan he can, Ah gives him fifty dollahs. If it's de oder way 'roun', he leaves de city within twenty-fo' hours. Is dat fair?" "Well, it suttinly soun's puff'cly jest," replied Mr.

Jasper inquired, pointing to a pail on the bench. "No, laid on a rock an' got a drink outen the creek as I come along." "Wall, this is fresh water. Wan't fotch from the spring mo' than twenty-fo' hours ago." "Don't reckon you kin tempt me, Jasper." The old man took up the gourd, and in attempting to drink, let the water pour through the handle and run down his sleeve.

The amount due the co't is twenty-fo' dollahs and a half." There was some laughter at the Squire's facetiousness. Turner, who had bid on the young and strong men, turned away unconcernedly. "You'd 'a' made a good auctioneer, Squire," said the one-armed man. "Thank you, Mr. Pearsall. How much am I offered for this bargain?" "He'd be dear at any price," said one.

W'y, dat chile mus' weigh 'bout twenty-fo' poun's, an' he not but six mont's ole. Does dat gal w'at does de nussin' w'iles I'm gone ten' ter dis chile right, Mis' 'Livy?" "She does fairly well, Mammy Jane, but I could hardly expect her to love the baby as you do. There's no one like you, Mammy Jane." "'Deed dere ain't, honey; you is talkin' de gospel truf now!

Ef you continues faw twenty-fo' hours mo' to harbor the girl Johanna, otherwise Miss Wisdom, the Black Diana an' sim'lar names, I shall imbibe it my jewty to the gen'l welfare an' public progress to renovate yo' rememb'ance of a vas'ly diff'ent an' mo' financial matteh, as per my letteh to you of sich a date about seven year' ago an' not an's'd yit, an' tell what I know about you.